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Rabbit and The Tortoise

rabbit and tortoise story

Once upon a time, there lived a very fast running rabbit in a forest. He was very proud of his fast running power.

There was also a small turtle in the same forest which used to move very slowly. When the turtle noticed that the rabbit is showing more arrogance on its running power, he excitedly challenged the rabbit to run.

When other animals came to know about this in the jungle, they heard this with great laughter because the rabbit was the fastest runner in the forest and the turtle was the slowest one. All the animals in the forest gathered together to watch this race.

The destiny of the race was that whoever reached the first round of the whole jungle would be the winner. The race started. At the start of the race, the rabbit ran very fast and got out far ahead.

After running for some time, when that rabbit looked back, he saw that the turtle was so far away that it was not even visible. So he thought let’s take some rest and he woke up under a tree. After some time he caught his eye and he fell asleep.

The turtle slowly walked without stopping and took a round of the entire forest and reached the victory line. When the turtle first arrived, the animals of the forest became happy. When all the animals shouted with joy, the rabbit’s eyes opened but it was too late because the turtle had already won.

Moral from the story – From this story we get to learn a lot like – never be too proud of ourselves. Slowly the success achieved in life only lasts. We should not consider anyone less than us.

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