A Moral Story : Reindeer and lion

A Moral Story : Reindeer and lion

Reindeer and lion story

A reindeer lived in a dense forest.  One day he reached a pond to drink water.  The water of the pond was very clear that day. That is why the reindeer could see their reflection clearly in the pond.

At that time, he saw his crooked horns as a reflection in the water of that pond, which looked very beautiful.

Now he was very happy to see his horns.  But suddenly his eyes fell on his thin and long legs, he felt very bad.  He thought that these thin legs were spoiling the beauty of my whole body. I would have been so beautiful if the light was not there.

Was just thinking that he saw a lion coming from the front. Seeing the death coming from the front, he ran away.  And due to those slim legs, he went far enough.  But the lion also followed him.

When he was running to save his life.  Then his horns were slanted diagonally across a bush. He tried hard but could not get his sign out of the bush.

In such a time, the lion chased him and came very close to him. But with his constant efforts, he managed to escape by removing his crooked horns from the bush.  And went far away from the lion. His life survived that day.

By now he understood that today he survived because of these ugly looking legs.  And his pride crushed.

Moral Of The Story -: It is not necessary to have a good looking thing. That is why one should never boast about its beauty.

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