Lion and elephant story motivational story


Once upon a time there lived a lion . Lion was the king of the jungle.  He lives in his forest scaring everyone.  The lion is fierce and powerful.  One day the king of the city went for a walk in the forest.

The lion saw the king sitting on the elephant posture.  In the lion’s mind also suggest a solution to sit on the elephant with a pedestal.

The lion told all the animals in the forest and ordered that an aasan be placed on the elephant.  What was there, quickly became easy.

The lion jumped and sat in the seat on the elephant.  As the elephant moves forward, the posture is shaken and the lion falls down.  The lion’s leg broke and the lion stood up and said – ‘It is better to walk.  ‘

Moral of the story – :
 Whose work it was, the lion tried to copy the man and the result proved to be wrong.

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