Importance of Reading | Benifits of Reading

Importance of reading and its Benifits

Reading is very important in every person’s life. We’ve all heard the importance of reading since we were in school. Because at school, teachers always tell us how important reading is. People who read other books also have many benefits. Man’s knowledge is his greatest strength. Because with the help of this power, man becomes smart and agile.

Today’s generation has become much easier to read than the previous generation. It is essential to maintain a reading culture as well as to inculcate a love of reading in the mind of every person. Reading makes a person cultured.

What is Reading ?
Reading is the thing that enhances your life which makes your intellect grow more. Also, reading plays a major role in enriching a person’s life. Therefore, everyone should cultivate the hobby of reading and enrich their lives. At the same time, reading is necessary to make your life perfect. Reading is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge.

A book can change life. One page can change an entire life and one sentence can set a goal in life. There is so much power in reading. So read at least one book every day!

It is not only rich people who read, but also those who read become rich. Just as the body needs food twice a day, a good brain needs two hours of reading every day. Every day a person comes to his senses due to reading. The development that has taken place in the world so far is due to reading and the world is going to decline due to TV mobile.

A person who reads a book is never addicted and TV mobile is the root addiction. Reading adds to knowledge, TV mobile makes a person addicted. TV requires a network for mobile, only a person needs space for reading. They are also rich in thought and action. A person who reads is calm, so it is not possible for him to have high blood pressure or heart attack.

On the contrary, more TV. Mobile users are the victims of various diseases. TV mobiles disturb the peace of mind while reading calms the disturbed state of mind. The person who reads goes to bed early and wakes up early. Those who get stuck in TV mobile affair fall asleep late and wake up late. As a result, wealth is destroyed along with body wealth. There is a saying that one wakes up early and becomes a millionaire. A person who reads becomes a millionaire by working only for four hours, while a person who avoids reading works and dies in poverty by working for twelve hours. Close.

Reading makes a person humble, while TV makes a person quarrelsome and self-centered due to mobile. The real book is what makes you think and the real thing is what makes you act. Both things affect your life. A friend and a book, make the book your friend Those who watch TV travel, while those who read reach their goals. TV mobile makes you tired, but reading makes you tired. Where there is reading, there is thought, and where there is no freedom of thought, there is slavery.

Reading can set goals and achieve them. Your worthiness is judged by your goals and how big a goal you set depends on which book you read. People who have no goal in life don’t read books and living without a goal is like posting a non-address letter. Sifting a book is different from reading. More people in the world have died from starvation than from starvation. Knowledge is created through books and wealth is created through knowledge.

Benifits of reading
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar says that if you read, you will survive. Because humans can develop their lives by reading.

  1. Reading stimulates the brain and new words make progress in it.
  2. Reading books on various subjects gives new information and adds to our knowledge.
  3. Reading increases your word wealth.
  4. which we can use in essay, writing and speech.
  5. It also provides information about the author’s stories, novels, fine articles and poems. This adds knowledge to your match.

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