My School Essay for Class 1-10 | School Essay

Hello friends, everyone’s life is a different in school, that’s why we are in the world with so many memories of school life, Indeed, school plays a very big role in every child’s life because before going to school, the child is in a small world at home. It is because of school that he gets acquainted with the outside world. That is why school is so important in a child’s life.

My School Essay for Class 1-10 | School Essay

My school essay for Kids in 10 Lines

  1. My school Name is __________
  2. My school is very nice and it has three floors and is located in the center of town. The school is about 3 km from my house and I go to school by bus. 
  3. My school is one of the best schools in the state of Maharashtra. 
  4. It is located in a very quiet place without any pollution, noise and dust.
  5. My school has a well-equipped and large library, as well as a science lab and a computer lab on the first floor. 
  6. My school has a small green garden, in front of the main office, filled with colorful flowers and ornamental plants that enhance the beauty of the entire school complex.
  7. My school’s study rules are extremely creative and innovative which helps you to understand easily in hard work. Our teachers teach you honestly and tell you everything in practice.
  8. My school celebrates all the important days of the year like Sports Day, Teacher’s Day, Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, School Anniversary, Founder’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, etc.
  9. We do a lot of creative and practical work every day so our school time is very fun and enjoyable. 
  10. Our verbal assessment of storytelling, singing, poetry, conversation in Hindi and English is taken daily by the teacher. 
  11. So, my school is the best school in the world.

My school Essay for Class 5-10 School Students

I study in model school. It is located on Pusa Road. It is one of the best schools in Delhi.
It is a very large school. It is spread over a vast stretch of Land.
It has a large building. It has about a hundred rooms. All rooms are spacious, airy and well ventilated.
Around four thousand students study in my school there are more than one hundred teachers who teach them. All teachers are great scholars, they have ownership of their subjects, they are very hardworking
My school has a large auditorium hall, there is also a stadium where matches and other sports events are held.
My school has a large library, a beautiful canteen, a swimming pool, a bicycle and scooter shed, a car parking shed, a badminton court, boxing court, a gymnasium and many other things.
The administrative block is located near the school gate. The gate is guarded by a security man. My school also has a garden-cum-nursery. It is under the supervision of two gardeners. The school also has many officers, peons and sanitation workers.
The principal of my school is named Mrs. Kusaran. She is a highly educated middle-aged woman. She is very kind but she is a strict disciplinarian.
Along with our school studies, sports and outdoor activities are also excellent. It shows very good results every year. Its various teams often win trophies. Many students of our school have often won awards at the local, district, state and even national levels.
I am proud of my school. At present, it is growing by leaps and bounds. I hope it continues to progress rapidly forever.

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