Winter season essay for kids & Students

Winter season essay for kids & Students

Winter season is the coldest season among the four seasons in India. It falls in the month of December and ends during Holi in March. December and January are considered the coldest months of Winter season. We usually feel this by the constant decrease in the temperature of the atmosphere. Winter brings with it festivals. Deepawali, Dussehra, Navratri, Durga Puja, Bhaiya Dooj etc. are the major Indian festivals coming this season. This season is good in terms of health because digestive power is strong in this season.

Winter season essay for kids & Students

Wintet season essay for kids in 10 lines

  1. Winter is the coldest of all seasons.
  2. The winter season in India lasts from November to January.
  3. During this, cold winds blow from the north.
  4. Every morning a thick sheet of fog hides the sun.
  5. Everyone wears warm clothes like jackets and swatters.
  6. People wear quilts and blankets to avoid the cold at night.
  7. Street people burn bonfire to avoid cold.
  8. The school opening hours are late in the winter.
  9. In winter, winter holidays are spoken in schools.
  10. Christmas and New Year also fall in winter.
  11. In winter people also like to sunbathe very much.
  12. Fruits and vegetables are also more prevalent during the winter season.

Winter season essay for Children and Students

There are mainly three seasons in India, which consists of autumn, rainy season and summer season. Autumn is also called cold season, winter season. The cold season is the season after the rainy season. This season lasts for four months. This season lasts from November to February. The winter season is very pleasant.

There are many changes in the environment during this season. The temperature in the atmosphere is very low. The days become longer and the days become shorter than the days. There is a lot of cold in this season, cold winds start moving and no person dares to get out of his house.

Winter season essay

People wear sweaters and hand socks on the body to avoid the cold. In these days people use hot water for bathing in the morning and consume hot tea more. These days most people like to eat hot food.

Due to the low temperature in the environment, clothes also do not dry quickly. Sometimes the weather becomes so infrequent that the sun is not visible due to dense clouds, mist and fog. Sometimes the cold is so much that the fire does not have any effect and till day one, the cold does not take its name till one o’clock.

People like to enjoy the warm sun in the morning. Especially young children are taken care of most these days. Children are forbidden to leave the house except at school. It is forbidden to eat cold things.

Sweaters, hand socks are worn so that children do not get cold. Old men of the house sit on their bodies with blankets and protect themselves from the cold. Children are bathed late in the morning. In these days, the windows of the house are closed.

The market is crowded to buy useful items like blankets, jerkin, sweaters, socks and water heaters. People in rural areas light a fire to protect themselves from cold and protect themselves from the cold. During the winter season, pets are very much present, nobody pays attention to them, they do not take any care of them.

In the autumn, we should wake up early in the morning and exercise, use a sweater to avoid the cold and eat fruits, akrodas, almonds, pistachios and green vegetables, so that our body gets the necessary protein and we don’t get sick. . Especially autumn is the season of healthy fruits like chiku, papaya, sitaphal, pineapple, strawberry, fig, guava, and orange.

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