Save Trees Essay For Students

Save Trees Essay For Students

Trees play an important role in purifying air, soil, and water, making the land a better place to live. People who live near trees are generally healthy and happy. The tree helps us a lot through our unlimited service throughout our lives. As human beings, we never understand our responsibility to trees and will only continue to take advantage of that. Saving trees does not mean showing mercy to them, but we do show mercy to our lives because life on Earth is not possible without trees.
Save Trees Essay For Students

Plants save the country, this is not just a statement, this responsibility must be understood and accepted by every human being who lives on Earth. This is a great opportunity for all of us to save our healthy environment and green land by saving trees. The tree symbolizes life on earth and is a natural home for many people and wildlife. In today’s modern world, it is very important to save fast-growing trees from urbanization, industrialization, and global warming. In a world of technology, where people are just working and fighting for themselves, only plants live for others (humans and animals).

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Fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, spices, fresh shade, medicines, roots, barks, woods, shoots, etc. nourish life on Earth in many ways. A fully grown tree serves humanity for many years without returning anything. It protects you from many diseases, protects the air, maintains the environmental balance, provides medicines, and so on. Trees are important properties like ours that protect against soil erosion, provide habitat for animal species and concentrations of nutrients in the soil. We are mentioning the following ways to protect plants and the environment.

Joining organizations that work to save trees, we need to make some effective efforts on our part. We must voluntarily save the trees so that others can also be inspired. We must encourage our family, friends, neighbors, and children to save this important resource on Earth. We must teach our new generation and children to respect trees, nature, and the environment.
Decide today that we will have to plant new trees near you.

Essay on Save Tree


Save Trees Essay  (Sample 2) (400 words)

The trees are the most valuable and important way of life on earth. It is very useful for the health and business communities on Earth. All of these creatures on earth benefit in some direct and indirect ways. Everything on Earth is interconnected and moves by the balance of nature, if something goes wrong, the whole environment can be affected and life on Earth can be damaged.

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The tree protects us from many natural disasters and nourishes our lives in many ways. This keeps our environment clean and the earth green, so we must also be fully responsible for them and do everything we can to save them. Tall, mature trees are more profitable than small trees because they absorb more carbon, filter greenhouse gases at a higher rate, capture stormwater, provide more shade, and resist urban heat and energy. Reduces the use of etc. That is why we should not cut it even in an emergency.

Benefits of Trees
Here are some real benefits of trees, which will help you understand why trees should not be cut, however, there is a great need to plant trees from time to time.

  1. Mature trees help us resist climate change by purifying the air and absorbing greenhouse gases, as they are the main sources of climate change.
  2. By cooling the air, the tree helps clean the air by absorbing all the odor and polluting gases from the environment.
  3. A mature tree on one acre can provide oxygen to 18 people per year.
  4. The tree opposes the heat of the summer season as well as the low winter temperatures.
  5. Trees are the best technology for conserving energy and managing global warming, as it reduces the need for adaptation to summer air by up to 50%.
  6. Save water by reducing the evaporation of soil water through shade.
  7. Trees naturally filter water and play an important role in saving water pollution by allowing water to flow under trees from the land, so rainwater prevents ocean pollutants.
  8. The tree prevents soil erosion by taking large amounts of soil from one location.
  9. The tree provides a strong shield to protect us against ultraviolet rays and, for this reason, it also protects against skin cancer and other skin problems.
  10. Trees are a good means of food (such as fruits, vegetables, etc.), roofs, medicines, economy, etc.
  11. The trees have good healing characteristics in the middle of the patients. Any health-related problem may be that children with ADHD are directly exposed to trees and nature.
  12. Trees are a good way to identify the climate, reduce violence and create economic opportunities for people.
  13. Trees are the best teachers who never speak but teach everyone. They are the best playmates with children.
  14. These are the best examples of unity in diversity.
  15. Trees are a good way to reduce noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution, and soil pollution.

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By looking at all the benefits given here to trees, we can fully understand the value of trees in our lives. So we should not cut down trees and forests. We should motivate humans to plant more trees in crowded areas and encourage ordinary people to save trees.

We hope that the above article on the Save Trees Essay will help your child understand the importance of preserving trees.

With the rate of deforestation much faster than before, saving trees now requires more action than words. Trees are to the earth like lungs to humans. Trees can clean the environment and breathe fresh air for us. However, uncontrolled deforestation has led to rapid global warming and a sharp decline in environmental conditions.

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