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My Best Friend Essay for Class 1 to 10 | 10 line Freind essay

Friendship is a relationship that has been going on for centuries, which is not related to the relationship of blood, but this relationship becomes more than a relationship of blood. If you are a student of class 1, Then you have to read this essay in your class on my best friend essay or My good friend can write essay,  This essay is written for Class 1 school students in 10 lines.

Friend, this is a relationship that man makes himself, otherwise all other relationships are formed from our birth like parents, brothers, brothers, uncles, aunts, all, but friendship is a relationship that is like a relative even if not a relative. Is. Which can happen to a man of any age or anyone.

Friendship between people is a trusting and sincere relationship. We cannot live the whole life alone and need a reliable partner to live happily. Friendship is a very valuable relationship in a man’s life even though it is one of the most important things in life. Any happy moment needs a friend to share. Friendship is an intimate relationship that can be trusted forever.

My Best Friend Essay for class 1 -10

10 lines Essay on my best friend in English

  1. My best friend name is Sagar. 
  2. Although I have many friends but sagar is my most special and firm friend.
  3. Whenever I am in any trouble or trouble, he always stands with me.
  4. We study in the same school and he lives near my house.
  5. He is very intelligent and smart in studies and always helps me in my studies.
  6. We do everything together. Together we go to school, study and play.
  7. Being with her gives me an energy that inspires me to be happy in any case.
  8. He follows discipline and does all his work on time.
  9. He takes care of the parents, brothers and sisters in his house.
  10. His friendship is the best part of my life that will always be with me.

We hope your child can come up with some ideas from the “best friend essay in my first class” mentioned above and create an essay in his / her own words. For young children, essay writing is a fun experience as it helps them express their thoughts in black and white and also improves their English writing skills.

The above sample “My Best Friend Essay in English for Class 1” is a simple attempt to help young students express their thoughts in words. We given Below essay on My best freind for school students…

 Friend Essay : My Best Friend Essay

My Best freind Essay for class 3,4,5,6,7,8,9  & 10

I have many friends since my childhood but Piku is my best friend forever. She lives with her parents in the apartment next to my house. She is a sweet and childishly supportive girl. True friendship is very much needed for all of us to get the right direction in life and move forward. Finding a good and true friend is a very difficult task, although some lucky ones find it.

She is the first person among all my friends with whom I can share all my feelings. She is very good at nature and helps everyone. She is a class monitor and all class teachers like her. She performs very well in sports and studies. He has a very good personality and loves to help needy people.

She is very friendly in nature and meets warmly for everyone. She thinks positively and inspires me all the time. She talks very politely and never fights with me and others. She never lies and behaves well. She is a very funny person and whenever we are sad, she loves to tell funny jokes and stories. She is a sympathetic friend and always cares for me. He has the ability to do anything difficult in his life and I always commend him on every small and big achievement. She is a very famous student of the school because she is very good in studies, sports and other activities.

She always scores the highest in class tests and main exams. She explains any topic very easily at the time of examination. He has very good observation power and skill. Whenever teachers explain something in class, she understands it very fast. He is a very good football player and has won prizes by participating in many competitions at school and district level.

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