JEE Last month Preparation strategy

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JEE Last month Preparation strategy 

Smart Preparation Tips in the last hour
The most important to succeed in JEE is to create a smart action plan that covers the entire syllabus over time. Although most candidates will have covered the entire course by now, following effective and strategic tools will yield better results.

The JEE Main 2020 exam is to be held in July. The exam will be held from July 18 to 23 in various centers across the country. There is still 2 months in the exam, so students have got more time to prepare. Candidates are advised to use this time to strengthen their preparation. At this time of 2 months, a good revision can give students success in the exam. Today, we have brought 5 easy and necessary tips for JEE Main 2020 candidates, which they can crack the exam by following. Let’s know about these tips.

JEE Last month Preparation strategy

1. Focus on all three subjects
Do not take any one subject lightly to pass the paper. Prepare all the three subjects of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Being weak in any one subject can reduce the hard work of cracking your JEE Main.

2. Pay attention to revision
Most of the students have completed their syllabus, those who have completed the syllabus, they should make it to their revision. To revise, select the day and topic / chapter and complete the revision accordingly. Focus more on those topics in which you are weak.

Use time properly
Most important for students is to improve their performance after analyzing weak areas. One has to start working on these areas without wasting time. A strategic timetable along with better evaluation of current preparations will help in achieving good marks. All subjects need equal attention and therefore use the remaining week wisely for all three subjects.

Read NCERT books
Start preparing with NCERT books. Undoubtedly, NCERT books form the basis of JEE Main and JEE Advanced. These basic books form a good conceptual foundation and are easy to understand.  Identify topics that you have difficulty memorizing the formulas to solve the questions. Look at and solve question banks from reputable sources.

Focus on your goal
Successful candidates always learn from their weak areas and hence focusing on these areas will definitely help. Having a systematic revision plan with proper time management will be the key to your success.

Rigorous practice is useful.
Students who learn from their mistakes avoid repeating them. Set a Deadline
Focus on clarifying your concepts. This step should be used for problem resolution. Improve the time frame for solving difficult questions and overcome your weaknesses. Building confidence and the right exam temperament is the key to score better in the actual exam.

Take online mock test
Attempting online mock test will help you to connect well with the subjects, develop concept clarity and keep you well updated with the current trends and patterns of JEE Main exam. Online provides full use of previous year question papers, mock tests, doubt clearing sessions and expert opinion.

Keep calm and focus
Making self-written notes helps one to memorize formulas, tips and tricks and helps a lot during the preparation of JEE and is easy to modify. By taking some time to relax or relax, the brain is prepared to remember things learned at your fingertips. Stay calm, focus it plays a key role in success.

Solve previous year’s paper
Students should take time to solve previous year’s papers, by doing this you will be able to understand the level of paper.

Practice JEE Main Sample Papers and Question Papers
One of the decisive JEE Main 2020 preparation tips involves solving sample papers and question papers. The objective of solving the JEE Main question paper is to enable the candidates to know their level of preparation. Candidates will be able to find out how much they are taking to solve each question in each subject, Whether or not they are able to manage their time appropriately. By solving the sample papers of JEE Main in a big way, Candidates will get to know various aspects of the examination paper like questions which are very difficult for them. And which are moderately difficult or easy. The more they solve the questions, they will know which areas they are In which they have to work more so that they do not face any difficulty on the exam day. However, one should not spend much time while solving questions

Keep taking breaks stay positive
Many students spend hours continuously preparing for the exam, due to which it reads a lot on their mind. Students are advised to take breaks from time to time to relax the mind and body. Students can take a half-hour break after increasing by 2 hours and then start further studies. Also, students need to be positive.

Create strategy for exam
Make a strategy in advance to solve the questions in the exam. In the exam hall, first solve those questions, which you are completely confident about, that means you get the answers in the best way. This will help you in time management in exam hall.

Finish current topic and then move on
An essential aspect of the JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tip is to end some core topics first. And the candidate has to live with them fully before proceeding. This will prove to be an important aspect in the long run, because at the end of JEE Main preparation, Candidates should not put too much emphasis on themselves.

Prepare short notes or flashcards
Creating short notes are key components of JEE Main 2020 preparation suggestions.
The purpose of preparing flashcards and short notes is to save time one month before the main examination.
Because candidates can quickly go through these short notes and flash notes
And can modify the sutras and other important points that he noted earlier.
During the final phase of JEE Main preparation, candidates cannot study the entire books. This is when these flash cards and small notes prove very useful.
Because candidates can go through them very fast and miss important points.

Improve your memory
For any study done by a candidate, it is necessary that he should be able to remember them and also remember them at the time of examination. Under the JEE Main 2020 preparation suggestions, a candidate should eat healthy food, stay hydrated. Drink as much water as possible. Candidates should remember that their objective is to enhance their memory for a longer period. Thus candidates can try meditation. At the same time, the candidates can also try to imagine that
What have they studied and try to recall it by following the steps in sequence.

Last Minute strategy to Crack JEE Main Exam

The Entrance Examination of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is considered one of the most difficult examinations in the world. Every student who dreams of becoming an engineer has to face this test. Every year lakhs of students prepare for it, but only a few thousand of them get this dream come true and they get admission in reputed engineering college like NIT, IIIT. NTA is conducting this exam. So let us know that before the exam there are some tips that will help you.

How to prepare for JEE Main 2020 exam , last minute strategy

There is very little time for the JEIN Man 2020 exam. In such a situation, before giving this exam, some important tips can help you.

  1. All the students are advised to revise the old subject instead of reading the new topic. Doing this will help you in your exam.
  2. Apart from this, before going to the examination center, all the students should read the instructions written on the back of the admit card so that there is no mistake in any way.
  3. After these directions, all the students are advised to read the question paper first before taking the exam.
  4. All the students are advised to solve the question paper that you know well at the time of taking the exam. That is, solve easy questions first. While reading the question paper, tick all the questions that come to you and try to do that first. This will help you to take the exam.

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