Five steps to prepare for the final exam

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Five steps to prepare for the final exam

Five steps to prepare for the final exam

For this year’s final exams, one of the most difficult and probably one of the most important times of their lives lies ahead – the time before their final exams.

In these last few weeks, it is important that learners have a solid strategy to help them prepare for the biggest test of their school career, which will help them do their best, says Miss. Savita Kamble.

Miss. Savita Kamble is the director and founder of YB Institute and says a plan allows learners to focus on the content of their work, instead of mastering the mechanics of the work.

“At this stage, it is so important to clear your mind and program of any issues that may distract you,” she said.

“She also said Ban procrastination immediately and make use of every available minute. At the end of these few weeks of preparation, you will be grateful for it when you walk into the examination room calmly and well prepared.”

1. ORGANIZE : Yourself, your time and your work. This will help alleviate your anxiety and help your study when your learning environment is neat and you have a clear plan for what you need to study every day, as well as the relevant material at hand.

2. PREPARE : Look at all your subjects and everything you need to learn. Make sure you have not forgotten anything.

3. PLAN : Create a study timetable that allows time for a second revision. Your planning should include reading as well as tests with old papers and sample questions. You should also practice by answering questions and talking to friends and family about your work. You will only be able to determine if you know enough when you have tried to explain what you know!

4. LOOK AT YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS : Make sure you eat, sleep and exercise enough, but also do not use it as an excuse to procrastinate.

5. FOCUS : You must devote all your energy and attention to one of the most important exams you will ever write. Afterwards there will be more than enough time to party and relax.

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