The Rainy Season Essay for students

The Rainy Season Essay for students

It’s raining, it’s windy, it’s windy. I’m very happy with this idea. When it rains like this, the mind becomes happy. This rain, which is loved by everyone, young and old, starts in the first week of June. In April and May, your body and mind, which are tired of eating mangoes and are bothered by Ukada, are eagerly waiting for that rain. Once upon a time it rained and let us cool down. As soon as the first rain comes, the fragrance of the earth is more beautiful and unique than all the expensive perfumes in the world, which can be filled in any bottle. Because of that, we have to keep this fragrance in our minds till the next rainy season!

The Rainy Season Essay

Rain is the fevorite of everyone and the way everyone enjoys it is unique. Little children have fun playing in the mud, leaving boats in the water and soaking in the rain. There is preparation but that mud, those boats, some don’t solve them!

Now youth! Her idea of ​​enjoying the rain is different! I used to take long walks with cool cars, stop at a tapari in the middle and have a hot meal on tea and vegetables. If I wanted to soak each other in the rain, someone would go to the trek to climb high forts, forts and mountains. In the middle, the flowing springs, drinking that water, soaking in it again. Forgetting everything, this youth is in such a relaxed world.

Then our senior congregation can’t go out and get wet but some of the cool ones have a cup of ginger-tea with their friends to rekindle old memories, while others play with old memories of coffee, books and melodious music. This rain is fragrant, captivating and pleasing!

Most people love the rainy season. When it starts raining from childhood, a different kind of happiness spreads in the body. The aroma of the soil, the freshness of all nature, almost all the hustle and bustle of agriculture starts at the same time. Students need to know the importance of rain and the process of rain and its timing.

Getting students to write essays on the subject of rain is an activity of every school. This essay is expected to have beautiful syntax and a beautiful description of rain. So let’s see how to write this essay,

Rainy Season Essay for students

My Favorite Season – Monsoon!

No matter how beautifully described the rain, it will fall short. Sometimes it seems that nature will be in its full beauty only in the rain. Poetry stores rain in many ways. The rain water, its rime sound, the earthy scent of the soil, the whole forest and the farm are adorned with greenery.

Before the rain starts, the mysterious tea begins. Birds, animals, plants all become aware. The roar of the clouds is like a conch shell. Then slowly raindrops fall on the ground, making them aware of their own existence. The rainy season lasts from June to September. The start of school and the arrival of rain were at the same time. The new class of the school and the drizzle of rain are running at the same time. So the relationship to rain is just as creative for me.

The 21st century is witnessing many changes. It is mainly a change in living standards. Therefore, even though India is an agricultural country, we do not get much interest in rains now. In rural and semi-urban areas, however, the onset of rains still feels like the beginning of a new life.

The cycle of nature continues in a certain way. The seasons of winter and summer take care of all the conditions while the rainy season donates water to the earth. The evaporation of water during the summer causes clouds to form due to climate change and return to the ground in the form of water over a period of four months. It is also called a water cycle because it all moves in a circular motion.

The main reason I like the rainy season is that everything in the universe works in the form of creation. The air, the water, and the trees are starting our lives all over again. They are filled with new energy. I love the rain because of the cool coolness and the fragrant nature scene. It has become my duty to get wet in the first rain every year.

Cuckoos, parrots, and peacocks flutter in the rain. Peacock dancing in the rain is an example of attractive beauty. All farming activities are done during monsoon. The farmer is producing food grains during the monsoon season. Therefore, the feeding of pets and humans throughout the year is completed during the rainy season.

Today the rain has started to become erratic. Pollution, growing population, windfall use of natural resources are degrading nature. Deforestation is also a factor. Deforestation of trees and forests seems to be creating untimely and drought conditions. In addition, the rains only conserve water in the city, so the urban people only hate the rains.

We must increase our awareness and sensitivity to nature. Rain is life-giving to us. Nature fulfills its basic needs of eating and drinking without asking for anything. Therefore, it can be said that human beings are very grateful for rain. Thus the rainy season is my favorite season of new fragrant energy.

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