EPIC full form | EPIC Number

EPIC full form : Electoral Photo Identity Card

Do you know what an EPIC full Form, EPIC number is and how you can watch it online. If not, today we are going to tell you about EPIC full form & EPIC Number.

In India, the rules are fixed according to every work and age is fixed for every job, like 18 years is required to vote, for a boy 21 years and for a girl 18 years old. Must be 18 years old to work. Today, we will talk about the vote and voter id card, any citizen in the country becomes eligible to vote from the age of 18, a youth can choose his government from his mind at the age of 18.

Now to vote, the Indian government has already arranged for voter ID card, meaning identity card, voter ID card, also known as Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC), in 1993 by the Chief Election Commissioner Was brought during the tenure. Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC), which is the identity of the election certificate, is the EPIC number printed on the card or it is also known as Voter ID card number. So that your card and your identity is the most different, here every one is unique because the number of each card is different. The voter ID card of India is an identity document issued by the Election Commission of India, which serves primarily as an identity proof for Indian citizens when casting their votes in municipal, state and national elections in the country.

EPIC full form | EPIC Number

EPIC Full Form
EPIC full form is Electoral Photo Identity Card. Every citizen of the age of 18 in India has the right to vote. If you too have attained the age of 18 years, then you should also include your name in the Voter List and we should use it properly to vote, which is the greatest right we have got in democracy.

What is EPIC Number?
Actually, the full name of EPIC is Election Photo ID Card i.e. the Voter ID Card that is given to you. This EPIC ie. Voter ID Card has a special ID number which is a different number of each person’s card, just this is what we call the EPIC number ie Identity Card Number. This number is printed in your Voter ID Card which is in alpha-numeric format.

When your Election Card or Voter Card is created, your card will also have a unique ID number, which shows your identity. You are identified through this ID number. Whenever you go to vote, your name is searched by looking at your EPIC number and it is checked whether your name is in the Voter list. So EPIC Number means your Voter ID Card Number

How to Find EPIC Number Online 
Suppose for some reason your Voter ID Card has been lost, then you can create a duplicate voter ID card by stating your EPIC number. For this you will have to go to the Collector Office of your city. You can check your voter card number (EPIC) online, if you do not know.

  1. To see your EPIC number online, first you have to go to the National Voters Service Portal, its website is: https://electoralsearch.in/
  2. After visiting this portal you have to like “Search by Details / Search by Details”.
  3. Now enter your name, date of birth, gender, state, district and assembly constituency information. Search by entering captcha code.
  4. If you have filled all the information correctly, then you will see your name in the search result. 
  5. In the same, you can also see your EPIC Number. Along with this information, you can also see your other information by clicking on View Details.
  6. After clicking on View Details, you can also see your Polling Station, Voter Number, Part Number etc. information. Meaning that you can see all the information related to your Voter list online.
  7. If you see any kind of mistake such as name, address, etc., then you can correct it online.

Can EPIC Number be changed?
No, it is the Permanent ID number through which the Voter is identified. You cannot change it just as you cannot change the number of Aadhaar card or Pan card.

Hope that you have now understood what the EPIC number is and how you can see it online, as well as how you can see your entire Voter Information online.

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