MCQ on voltmeter Pdf

MCQs on voltmeter Pdf

MCQs on voltmeter

1. For measurement of potential dilference poentiometer is preferred in comparison to voltmeter because_______

(a) potentiometer is more sensitive than voltmeter

(b) the resistance of potentiometer is less than voltmeter

(c) potentiometer is cheaper than voltmeter

d) potentiometer does not draw current from the circuit

Answer : D

2. A voltmeter always gives lower value of potential difference because______

(a) some energy is lost in moving the needle

(b) it takes current for its own deflection

(c) it absorbs some ener8y

(d) both ‘a’ and ‘ b

Answer: B

3. A galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by connecting___________

(a) a high resistance in series

(b) a low resistance in series

(c) a low resistance in parallel

(d) a high resistance in parallel

Answer: A

4. To measure the p.d. between two ends of a resistor in a circuit, it is essential that the resistance of the voltmeter be very large compared to_______

(a) other resistances in the circuit

(b) the combined resistance of all the resistors in the circuit

(c) the largest resistance in the circuit

(d) the resistance of the resistor across which the meter is connected.

Answer: D

5. To measure potential difference in an circuit_______

(a) connect a voltmeter in parallel with it

(b) conect an ammeter in parallel with it

(c) connect a voltmeter in series with it

(d) connect an ammeter in series with it

Answer: A

6. The net resistance of a voltmeter should be large to ensure that it may_________

(a) not get overheated

(b) not draw excessive current

(c) measure large potential difference

(d) not change the value of potential difference

Answer: D

7. An ammeter can be converted into voltmeter by connecting_______

(a) a low resistance in series

(b) a low resistance in parallel

(c) a high resistance in series

(d) a High resistance in parallel 

Answer: C

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