Ecology Questions Bank for Board exam

Ecology questions bank for exams

Ecology questions bank

1. What is ecology?

2. What are biotic and abiotic factors?

3. What is an ecosystem?

4. How are organisms distinguished according to the way they provide their food?

5. In which classes are consumers distinguished and based on which criteria?

6. What is the role of a) producers b) consumers c) decomposers in an ecosystem?

7. What are population, habitat, and biocommunity?

8. Why should biotic factors be considered in interaction with abiotic?

9. What factors are necessary to maintain an ecosystem?      

10. How are ecosystems distinguished?

11. A Po Who defines the boundaries of an ecosystem?

12. What is a biosphere?

13.   What do we mean by “diversity”? How does diversity affect the balance of an ecosystem and why?

14. Which ecosystem is more stable, a natural one or an artificial one?

15. How are the nutritional relationships between the organisms of an ecosystem depicted?

16. What is a food chain?

17. What is a food web?

18. What is a food pyramid and how is it constructed?

19. What is a nutritional level?

20. What do we call biomass?

21.   How are the food pyramids distinguished?

22. What percentage of energy is transferred from one level to the next and why?

23. Which pyramids can be inverted and why?

24. Why is it sometimes difficult to classify consumers at food levels?

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