MCQ on Sonometer for Class 12 | NEET

MCQ on Sonometer Class 12 | NEET

Get here MCQ on Sonometer Questions for Class 12 with Answers PDF Free Download prepared here for NEET MCQ. Students can practice Multiple Choice Questions on Sonometer with Answers to score good marks in the NEET examination and class 12 board exams.


MCQs on Sonometer


MCQs on Sonometer for NEET

1. When a sonometer wire vibrates with one or more loops, the waves produced in the wire are______

(a) Longitudinal and progressive

(b) Transverse and progressive

(c) Transverse and stationery

(d) Longitudinal and stationery

Answer: C


2. When a sonometer wire vibrates with the minimum frequency, it is said to vibrate in its__________

(a) first overtone

(b) second harmonic

(c)  fundamental note

(d) octave

Answer: C


3. When a string emits its second harmonic, we get________

(a) two nodes and three antinodes

(b) two antinodes and three nodes

(c) three loops

(d) three antinodes and three nodes

Answer: B


4. When a sonometer Wire vibrates in the second overtone, there are_______

(a) three nodes and three antinodes

(b) four nodes and three antinodes

(c) one node and two antinodes

(d) two nodes and three antinodes

Answer: B


5. The frequencies of the harmonics of a string are_____

(a) of the same pitch

(b) unrelated

(c) in the ratio I: 3:5 

(d) in the ratio I:2:3:

Answer: D


6. A sonometer wire of length I meter, Vibrates n 4 loops. The distance between two consecutive nodes is_______

(a) 10 cm

(b) 25 cm

(c) 50 cm

(d) 60 cm

Answer: B


7. The velocity of transverse waves in a stretched wire depends upon_______

(a) length of the wire

(b) the pressure of the surrounding air

(c)  the linear density of the wire

(d) rigidity modulus of the wire

Answer: C


8. A sonometer wire is so plucked that it Vibrates With two loops. The frequency of the note emitted is the______

(a) fundamental frequency 

(b) second harmonic

(c) third harmonic

(d) second overtone

Answer: B


9. If d is the density of the material of the string, then the natural frequency of a vibrating string is______ 

(a) directly proportional to the density

(b) inversely proportional to the density

(c) inversely proportional to the square root of the density

(d) inversely proportional to the square of the density

Answer: C


10. A sonometer wire is emitting a note of frequency n when stretched by a weight. If the weight is completely immersed in water, then the frequency of the wire______

(a) will be zero

(b) will not change

(c) will decrease

(d) will increase

Answer: C


11.  A string of length 2 m is fixed at both ends. If this string vibrates in its fourth normal mode, with a frequency of 500 Hz, then the waves would travel on the string with a velocity of________

(a) 250 m/s

(b) 500 m/s

(c) 750 m/s

(d) 125 m/s

Answer: B


12. A tuning fork of frequency 500 Hz produces 8 beats/second when sounded with a vibrating sonometer wire. What must be the frequency of the sonometer Wire, if a slight increase in its tension produces fewer beats per

second than before?

(a) 508 Hz

(b) 492 Hz

(c) 500 Hz

(d) 504 Hz

Answer: B


13. A sonometer wire resonates with a given tuning fork. forming standing waves with five antinodes between the two bridges when a mass of 9 kg is suspended from the wire. When the mass is replaced by another mass M, the

Wire resonates with the same tuning fork forming three antinodes for the same position of bridges. The value of M is_________

(a) 5 kg

(b) 12.5 kg

(c) 18 kg

(d) 25 kg

Answer: D


14. A tuning fork produces 4 beats/sec, with a sonometer wire of length 40 cm. It is found that when the length is increased to 44 cm, by keeping other factors constant, again 4 beats/sec are produced. What is the frequency of the tuning fork?

(a) 44 Hz

(b) 84 Hz

(c) 100 Hz

(d) 176 Hz

Answer: B


15. A sonometer wire is in unison with a tuning fork of frequency 256 Hz, when the length of the wire between the bridges is 75 cm and only one loop is formed. By keeping the length and tension constant, the wire is made to vibrate with 2 loops. The wire can still be in resonance with a tuning fork, provided the frequency of the tuning fork is__________

(a) 100 Hz

(b) 512 Hz

(c) 384 Hz

(d) 128 Hz

Answer: B


16. A stretched sonometer wire of length 1 meter has a fundamental frequency of 50 Hz. If it is plucked at 25 cm, by keeping the bridge at 50 cm, the frequency of Vibration of the stretched string would be_______

(a) 50 Hz

(b) 75 Hz

(c) 100 Hz

(d) 200 Hz

Answer: C


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