NEET 2025 Articles – All NEET Exam Topics and Subjects

The NEET exam, conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), is for admission to undergraduate medical courses like MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BUMS, and BHMS in India. NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, and it was previously known as the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT).

If you have completed your 12th class with Biology, you can apply for the NEET exam. Successfully passing the NEET exam allows you to pursue an MBBS degree by securing admission to a medical college.


Today’s article is important for students aspiring to build a career in the medical field. Here in this article we will given Complete list of NEET Articles. If you’re interested in detailed information, read on till the end.

All NEET Articles (Topics and Subjects)

NEET Complete GuideTotal Marks in NEET
NEET SyllabusNEET Live Updates
NEET Physics Preparation TipsNEET Chapter wise Previous year Questions
NEET Biology Preparation Tips NEET Topicwise and Chapterwise MCQ
NEET Chemistry Preparation Tips NEET Biology Chapterwise PYQ
5 Simple way to Qualify NEETHow to Qualify NEET
MCQ on Nucleic AcidMCQ on Bacteria
MCQ on RDTMCQ on Food Chain
Genetic EngineeringGene Therapy
MCQ on AIDSMCQ on Plant Harmone
MCQ on Genetic DisordersMCQ on Genetic Material
Central DogmaPopulation Ecology
Carbon CycleMCQ on Nitrogen Fixation
Ethics MCQMCQ on Acid Rain
MCQ on White PollutionMCQ on Noice Pollution
Plant Cell MCQMCQ on Flower
MCQ on Cell SignalingHomozygous Genes
MCQ on Chromosomal AbnormalityCancer MCQ
Auxin MCQEnergy flow in Ecosystem
Biochemical CyclePlant Nutrition
MCQ on Protein SynthesisMCQ on Transcription
MCQ on RNAMCQ on Amino Acids
MCQ on DNAMCQ on Carbohydrate
Lipid MCQInfectious Disease
MCQ on Immunological TechniqueFermentation MCQ
Screening of MicroorganismsStrain Improvement
MCQ on ProteinsMCQ on Antibody
Female representative systemMCQ on Antigen
Immunology MCQMCQ on Cell Theory
MCQ on ImmunityOrigin of Life
MCQ on ChromosomeHuman Genome Project
Carbohydrate metabolismLipid Metabolism
Protein MetabolismMetabolism MCQ
aerobic respirationAnaerobic Respiration
MCQ on TranspirationMCQ on Cellular Senescence
Totipotency MCQApoptosis
MCQ on AmitosisMitosis MCQ
Meiosis MCQCell Engineering
Genetic RecombinationProteins and Amino Acids
MCQ on HIVMCQ on Vitamins
MCQ on GeneticsAnimal Tissue MCQ
ElectrophoresisDNA Replication MCQ
Reproduction in OrganismsPaper Chromatography
Chromatography MCQLiving World
Heart DiseaseHeart MCQ
MCQ on MicrobiologyBiochemistry MCQ
Endocrine System MCQBlood Transfusion
Male Reproductive SystemConnective Tissue
MCQ on Mendelian GeneticsEcology MCQ
MCQ on AntibioticsMCQ on Pollination
ParthenogenesisEndosperm MCQ
Double FertilizationMCQ on Pollen Grains
MCQ on EmbryoParthenocarpy
Environmental StudiesAutoclave MCQ
Biodiversity MCQMCQ on Viruses
MCQ on AngiospermMCQ on Cell Cycle
MCQ on AutoclaveCET PYQ
MCQ on Environmental MicrobiologyMCQ on Nuclei
MCQ on Environmental StudiesMCQ on Life Processes
MCQ on VaccinesBatch Sterilization MCQ
Physics MCQMCQ on Chloroplast
MCQ on Cell SignallingFundamental unit of life MCQ
Phylum Porifera MCQPhylum platyhelminthes MCQ
mcq on phylum coelenterataTransportation in Plants
MCQ on ArthropodsMCQ on Osmosis
MCQ on DiffusionMCQ on Reproductive Health
Reproduction in flowering plantIn vitro fertilization
Meristematic TissueMuscle Contraction MCQ
MCQ on HomeostasisMCQ on Fertilizers
Mycoplasma MCQMCQ on PCR
Bioremediation MCQBIotechnology MCQ
MCQ on CellGlobal Warming MCQ
MCQ on CytoplasmMCQ on Plastid
MCQ on SDS-PAGEMCQ on Gel Electrophoresis
MCQ on ElectrophoresisMCQ on Filtration with Answers
Autoclave MCQ QuestionsMCQ on Ultrasound with Answers PDF
MCQ for CBT Ultrasound ExamMCQ on Voltmeter PDF
MCQs on SonometerMCQ on Potentiometer Class 12 NEET
Alcohol, Phenol, Ethers MCQsChemical Coordination and Integration MCQ
Haloalkanes, Halorenes MCQsBiological Classification MCQ
A Perfectly Black Body MCQMCQ on Elasticity PDF
Logic Gates MCQ QuestionsPPL MCQ MCQ on Polarisation
MCQs on d and f Block ElementMCQs on Haloalkanes, Halorenes for NEET PDF
Co-ordination Compound MCQs on Simple Pendulum
Immunology MCQs with Answers PDFMCQ on Antibodies
MCQs on Female Reproductive SystemMultiple Choice Questions on Protein
MCQ on Transport Across Cell Membrane: Active and PassiveCitric Acid Production MCQ Questions and Answers
MCQs on Surface Tension and Surface EnergyMCQs on Current Affairs for Competitive Exams
MCQ on EconomicsFermentation MCQ
MCQ on Strain ImprovementScreening of Microorganisms MCQ with Answers
Isolation of Microorganisms MCQ Questions and AnswersEthylene Oxide Sterilization: Structure, Uses
Phytoremediation: Definition, Types, Examples, AdvantagesBioleaching MCQ
Radioimmunoassay MCQ Questions and AnswersBiology Topics for Students
Continuous Sterilization MCQ Questions and AnswersBatch Sterilization MCQ Questions and Answers
Class 11 Physics MCQ Chapter-wiseNEET Biology MCQ Chapter-wise PDF Free Download
NEET PYQ Biology Chapter-wise PDFNEET Gujarati Medium Books PDF
Biology Class 12 MCQ Questions with Answers PDF DownloadNEET Biology Questions
NEET Chemistry Questions Chapter-wise PDFNEET Chapter-wise Previous Year Questions Free Download PDF
NEET MCQNEET Chemistry MCQ Topicwise and Chapterwise with Answers
CBSE Class 11 Biology Practical SyllabusDownload KVPY Syllabus for Stream SA, SB and SX Updated PDF
NEET Syllabus for Beginners: Complete Guide to NEET SyllabusMCQs on Hydraulics and Pneumatics
CBSE Class 12 Biology Practical SyllabusUpdated CBSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus
CBSE Class 12 Biology SyllabusClass 12 Biology Textbook Solutions Maharashtra Board
Maharashtra Board Classwise Science Textbook SolutionsMaharashtra Board Class 11 Biology Textbook Solutions
Bleeding Quiz: MCQ on BleedingAntiseptic MCQ with Answers: Antiseptic Quiz
Endocrine System Quiz: Endocrine TestMCQs in Biochemistry
MCQs on Microbiology: Microbiology QuizDarwin’s Theory Quiz
Histology Quiz: Histology Practice TestTest Banks for Medical Surgical Nursing
Diabetes Quiz: Questions and Answers PDFQuiz on Emotions
MCQ on Bacteria PDFRecombinant DNA Technology MCQ with Answers PDF
MCQ on Food Chain and Food WebMCQ on AIDS PDF
MCQ on Plant Hormone PDFMCQ on Genetic Disorders PDF
MCQ on Chromosomal Abnormalities PDFMCQ on Nucleic Acid PDF
MCQ on Genetic Material PDFMCQ on Central Dogma PDF
Population Ecology MCQs PDFCommunity Structure and Diversity MCQ
Carbon Cycle MCQs PDFMCQ on Organ Transplantation Graft
MCQ on Nitrogen Fixation with Answers PDFMCQ on ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
MCQ on Cancer with Answers PDFMCQ on Auxin PDF
Quiz on Heart: Multiple Choice QuestionsHeart Failure: Multiple Choice Questions
MCQ on Heart DiseaseMCQ on Liver PDF
Plant Cell: Multiple Choice QuestionsMCQ on Flower PDF
MCQ on Positive and Negative NumbersMCQ on Rational Numbers PDF
MCQ on Heterozygous GenotypeSignal Transduction MCQs with Answers PDF
MCQ on Cell Signaling PDFMCQ on Homozygous Genes
Definition of Soil Texture and Classification of SoilMCQ on Parthenocarpy
Friend is Needs a Friend Indeed: English Moral Stories for KidsMCQ on Bones and Joints PDF
MCQ on Joints and Its TypesMCQ on Leprosy
MCQ on EmbryoMCQ on Skeletal System
MCQ Questions on Reptilia for NEET Reptiles MCQMCQ on Pollen Grains with Answers PDF
MCQ on Double Fertilization PDFMCQ on Endosperm PDF
MCQ on Parthenogenesis with AnswersMCQ on Pollination with Answers PDF
MCQ on Fundamental Rights PDFMCQ on Pharmacology PDF
MCQ on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance PDFMCQ on Anemia PDF
What is Heart Failure and How Does it Work?Gene Mutation: Definition, Types, Characteristics, Effects
Ecology MCQ Questions and Answers PDFMCQ on Vegetables PDF
Software Engineering MCQ Questions with Answers PDFMCQ on Insurance PDF
Questions in BiologyTest for Biology
MCQ on Mendelian Genetics PDFMCQ on Connective Tissue for NEET
MCQ on Male Reproductive SystemMCQ on Gangrene
Bone Fracture QuizQuestions on Burn Quiz
Wound Care QuizImplantation Bleeding Quiz
Shock Quiz: Multiple Choice QuestionsConcussion Quiz: Concussion Online Test

Biology Chapterwise MCQ for NEET (Class 11)

Biology Chapterwise MCQ for NEET (Class 12)

Chemistry Chapterwise MCQ for NEET (Class 11)

Chemistry Chapterwise MCQ for NEET (Class 12)

Physics Chapterwise MCQ for NEET (Class 11)

Physics Chapterwise MCQ for NEET (Class 12)

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