Friend is needs A Friend indeed English Moral stories for kids

Friend is needs A Friend indeed English Moral stories for kids

In this story you will find a English Moral Story ” A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed Story in English”. This is a story for the kids.while listening to English stories, you must not only choose stories with exciting storylines, but also guide your children to participate as much as possible. Among them, so that the storytelling does not become a monologue of the parents alone. Through the continuous questioning and participation of children in storytelling, the explanation of English stories can be made more interesting, and through English-related communication, children can also exercise their English oral expression ability well. More importantly, in this process, children’s creative thinking and cognitive abilities can be well improved. Through repeated listening to stories and interactive questions, children can learn how to understand the content of stories in the process of listening to stories. It is appropriate to make a general summary.

The Story of Great Elephant

Once upon a time there lived a elephant in a forest. One day an elephant wandered in to a forest in search of friends. He saw a monkey playing on a tree.

Elephant said : will you be my friend.

Monkey replied : you are too big. You can’t swing from trees like me. 

The elephant left disappointed .

Next day he met a rabbit in forest. He saw the rabbit was busy eating grass.

Elephant said: Rabbit will you be my friend.

Rabbit replied: No, You are too big. You can’t play in barrow.

Elephant was upset.

Then elephant went to frog. 

Elephant said : please make friendship with me.

Frog replied: How it is possible? 

You are too big. You can’t leap about like me.

The elephant was sad and walked forward.

A fox was appeared .

Elephant asked her: will you be happy to have a friend like me? 

Fox said : Sorry sir, You are too big.

Elephant was upset.

The next day the elephant saw all the animals were running for their lives.

Elephant asked the fox: What is the matter?

Fox replied: There is a lion and he is trying to kill all of us.

All the animals were running away to hide .

Mean while the lion kept eating up whoever he could find.

The Elephant went to a lion and said:

Please Mr. Lion don’t eat up all  these poor animals.

Lion replied : Mind your own Business.

The elephant had no choice but to give the lion a hefty kick. The frightened lion ran for his life.

The elephant ambled back into the jungle and announced the good news to all .

All the animals thanked him and said you are just the right size to be our friend .

Moral of the story : A friend in need is a friend deeds .

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