Wound Care Quiz

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Wound Care Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions 

1. What are the stages of wound healing?

a) hemostasis, 

b) inflammation, 

c) proliferation, 

d) remodeling

e) All of these 

Answer: E

2. How long does it take for microbes to become active in a wound? 

a) 1-4 hours; 

b) 6-8 hours; 

c) 10-12 hours; 

d) 2-6 pm;

Answer: B

3. Which wound is more likely to develop infection?

a) cut; 

b) bitten; 

c) chopped; 

d) located on the face;

Answer: B

4. Many factors contribute to the development of infection in the wound, except:

a) hematomas; 

b) blood loss; 

c) shock; 

d) the absence of foreign bodies.

Answer: D

5. Which of the following is the types of wounds?

a) Surgical wounds and incisions.

b) Thermal, chemical or electric burns.

c) Bites and stings, Gunshot wounds

d) All of these 

Answer: D

6. Which of the following is a type of wound healing ______

a) Primary healing, 

b) delayed primary healing,  

c) healing by secondary intention

d) All of these 

Answer: D

7. According to infection, wounds are distinguished: 

a) purulent, aseptic, poisoned; 

b) aseptic, scalped, purulent; 

c) bitten, freshly infected, aseptic; 

d) purulent, freshly infected, aseptic.

Answer: D

8. What is absolutely essential for wound healing?

a) Adequate dietary protein

b) Drugs

c) Alcohol 

d) Carbohydrates 

Answer: A

9. What explains the presence of a zone of molecular concussion in a gunshot wound? 

a) pressure on the tissues of the projectile; 

b) pulsation of cells in the wound area; 

c) wave-like movements of the channel walls; 

d) change in osmotic pressure;

Answer: A

10. What is unacceptable when providing first aid to a victim of a cold injury? 

a) rubbing with a warm, clean hand; 

b) rubbing with a soft cloth; 

c) rubbing with snow; 

d) treatment of warmed areas with alcohol;

Answer: C

11. What determines the degree of gaping of the wound? 

a) the depth of the damage; 

b) damage to the nerve trunks; 

c) damage to the fascia; 

d) the direction of the elastic fibers of the skin.

Answer: D

12. To accelerate healing in the treatment of a wound in the dehydration phase, it is necessary:

a) frequent dressings; 

b) the use of enzymes; 

c) application of ointment dressings; 

d) bandaging with hypertonic solutions;

Answer: C

13. The bottom of the wound is the bone. How to perform primary surgical treatment of the wound? 

a) excise the periosteum; 

b) scrape a bone with a sharp spoon; 

c) remove the top layer of the periosteum; 

d) excise only the edges and walls of the wound.

Answer: D

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