Darwin’s Theory Quiz

Multiple Choice Questions on Darwin’s Theory

1. Who is the father of evolution?

a) Charles Darwin

b) Watson

c) Edward 

d) Morgan 

Answer: A

2. Which of the following is the most critical factor for evolution according to Darwin?

a) Natural Selection 

b) Artificial Selection 

c) Mutations 

d) None of these 

Answer: A

3. It is fair to consider Ch. Darwin was the founder of the modern theory of evolution and:

a) C. Lyell 

b) A. Weisman 

c) A. Wallace 

d) J. Lamarck

Answer: C

4. Which theory supports the idea of the survival of fittest?

a) The theory of evolution by natural selection

b) Theory of inorganic evolution 

c) Theory of organic evolution 

d) None of these 

Answer: A

5. C. Darwin believed that the diversity of species is based on:

a) Hereditary variability and natural selection 

b) Struggle for existence 

c) The ability to reproduce indefinitely 

d) One-time act of creation

Answer: A

6. Specify the provisions of the Darwinian theory of evolution: 

a) The smallest difference between organisms can make a difference in their survival. 

b) In nature, the most adapted individuals often survive and leave offspring. 

c) The evolutionary process is divided into micro-and macroevolution

d) All of these 

Answer: D

7. In the process of macroevolution:

a) New populations appear 

b) Populations change 

c) new species appear 

d) New classes appear

Answer: A

8. The significance of Darwin’s theory lies in the fact that for the first time it:

a) Describe the origin of life on Earth 

b) Proved that species change in the course of historical development 

c) Identified factors that determine the causes of diversity and fitness of species 

d) Refuted the idea of ​​spontaneous generation of organisms

Answer: C

9. Which of the types of the struggle for existence is most acute: 

a) Interspecies struggle 

b) Fight against adverse conditions 

c) Intraspecific struggle 

d) There is no correct answer.

Answer: A

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