Sepsis Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions

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Sepsis MCQ Questions and Answers: 

1. What is less characteristic of sepsis? 

a) tachycardia; 

b) leukocytosis; 

c) anuria; 

d) increase in body temperature;

Answer: C

2. The causative agents of surgical sepsis do not include:

a) Escherichia coli; 

b) hemolytic streptococcus; 

c) Staphylococcus aureus; 

d) proteus;

Answer: D

3. Complications of sepsis do not include: 

a) pneumonia; 

b) bedsores; 

c) thromboembolism; 

d) cachexia;

Answer: C

4. All of the following can be sources of surgical sepsis except: 

a) deep burns; 

b) closed fracture; 

c) wounds; 

d) carbuncle of the face;

Answer: B

5. What therapeutic measures can not be recommended for sepsis? 

a) opening of a purulent focus; 

b) administration of antibiotics; 

c) restriction of the introduction of fluids; 

d) blood transfusion;

Answer: A

6. One of the most important components of treatment for sepsis is: 

a) massage; 

b) antibiotic therapy; 

c) physiotherapy exercises; 

d) physiotherapeutic procedures;

Answer: B

7. Which of the following contributes to the development of sepsis? 

a) diabetes mellitus; 

b) hypertension; 

c) acromegaly; 

d) bronchial asthma;

Answer: D

8. What is most important in the treatment of sepsis?

a) strict bed rest; 

b) careful collection of anamnesis; 

c) treatment of concomitant disease; 

d) elimination of the primary focus;

Answer: C

9. Blood for bacterial culture in sepsis must be taken: 

a) at normal body temperature of the patient; 

b) with chills and at the height of the temperature reaction; 

c) immediately after the temperature drops; 

d) 6-12 hours after the abolition of antibiotics

Answer: B

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