MCQ on Pharmacology Pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on Pharmacology

1. Pharmacology is________

A. Study pharmacokinetics

B. Study microorganisms 

C. A science that studies the laws and mechanisms of interaction between drugs and the body

D. The science of studying the clinical application of drugs

Answer: C

2 . Pharmacodynamics is the study of_______

A. The science of the action of drugs on the body and the laws of action

B. The science of how drugs work

C. The science of the law of action of drugs on the body and the mechanism of action

D. The science of the law of action and mechanism of action of drugs on the body

Answer: D

3. The best indicator for evaluating the safety of a drug is_____

A. Efficacy

B. Potency Strength

C. Therapeutic Index

D. LD50

Answer: C

4. When the drug is introduced in the bone marrow this route is called?

A. Intraosseous infusion

B. Oral infusion 

C. Both 

D. None of these 

Answer: A

5. The duality of drug action is_______

A. drug’s preventive effect and adverse reaction

B. Absorption and excretion of drugs

C. Drugs Weak Acidic and Weak Base

D. Drug Resistance and Susceptibility

Answer: A

6. The process of drug absorption refers to_________

A. Binding of the drug to the site of action

B. The drug enters the gastrointestinal tract

C. Drugs are distributed in the blood to various tissues and organs

D. The drug enters the blood circulation from the site of administration

Answer: D

7. Which of the following incorrect description items for oral administration is_______

A. Oral administration is the most common route of administration

B. Oral administration is not suitable for critically ill patients in coma

C. Oral administration is not suitable for drugs with a large first-pass effect

D. Most drugs are rapidly and completely absorbed orally

Answer: D

8. The incorrect statement of the following drug and plasma protein binding is_______

A. After binding, it can be transported through the biomembrane

B. Temporary loss of pharmacological activity after binding

C. It is a loose and reversible bond

D. The binding rate is affected by plasma protein content

Answer: A

9. What is Primogel?

A. Substituted HPMC for direct compression

B. Modified MCC for direct compression

C. Hydrogelling polymer for gel formation

D. Modified starch for disintegration

Answer: D

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