MCQs on chemistry in everyday life for NEET

Multiple Choice Questions on Chemistry in everyday life for NEET 

If you are looking for Multiple Choice Questions on chemistry in everyday life mcqs pdf for NEET Here we collected some important chemistry in everyday life mcqs pdf for class 12th. The mcq pdf for class 12th included in this page have been selected based on the popular questions asked in various competitive exams over the years.

Mcqs on chemistry in everyday life for NEET

Multiple Choice Questions on Chemistry in everyday life for NEET

1) analgesics  are________

a) malarial fever reducers

b) body pain relieves

c) bacteria killing substance

d) body temperature reducer 

Answer -: b

2) Narcotics analgesics is_______

a) aspirin

b) lbuprofen

c) diclofenac

d) morphine

Answer -: d

3) Non narcotic analgesics is_______

a) morphine 

b) heroin

c) lbuprofen

d) diclofenac

Answer -: c 

4) Morphine is used as an_______

a) antpyretic

b) antiseptic

c) insecticide

d) analgesic

Answer -: d

5) Aspirin is prepared when______

a) salicylic acid is heated with phenol

b) salicylic acid is heated with acetic anhydride in presence of conc. H2SO4

c) phenol is heated with formaldehyde in presence of NaOH

d) acetic acid as heated with ethyl alcohol in presence of conc. H2SO4

Answer -: b

6) The reagent used in the preparation of aspirin from salicylic acid is_______

a) SOCl2/pyrine

b) (CH3CO)2O/conc.H2SO4


d) CH3 Cl/AICl3

Answer -: b

7) Ibuprolen cannot be________

a) analgesic

b) antipyretic

c) anti inflammatory

d) antibiotic

Answer -: d

8) Anaigin is used as            

a) antipyretic

b) antipyretic

c) anti inflammatory

d) both 1 and 3

Answer -: d

9) tranquilizers are__________

a) bacteria killing substances

b) inflammation control substances

c) micro organisms killing substances

d) mental diseases treatment

Answer -: d

10) Drug which helps to reduce anxiety and brings about calmness is_______

a) tranqulizer

b) diuretic

c) analgesic calmness

d) antihistamine

Answer -: a

11) Which of the following is a tranquilizer ?

a) chlorodiazepoxide

b) meprobamate

C) equanil

d) all the three

Answer -: d

12) The substance used in the preparation of sleeping pills is           

a) valium

b) analgin

c) phenacetin

d) paracetamol

Answer -: a

13) Salol can be used as_______

a) antiseptic

b) anupyreic

C) antibacterials

d) antimalarials

Answer -: a

14) The aniseptic action of Dettol is due to________

a) chlorobenzene

b) chloroxylenol

c) chloroquine

d) chloramphenicol

Answer -: b

15) Which of the following is not an antiseptic drug?

a) iodoform

b) dettol

C) gammexane

d) boric acid

Answer -: c

16) The mixture of chloroxylenol and terpineol is called______

a) salol

b) dettol

C) tranquilizer

d) hypnotics

Answer -: b

17) The substance added to antiseptic soaps is________

a) iodoform

b) bithionol

c) equanil

d) paracetamol

Answer -: b

18) The substances added to deodrants are________

a) antibiotics 

b) antiseptics

c) antipyretics

d) analgesics

Answer -: b

19) The chemical substances which are used to kill micro organisms but they cannot be applied on living tissues_________

a) antiseptics 

b) antibiotics

C) disintectants

d) antpyretics

Answer -: c

20) Which of the following is a disinfectant?

a) formalin

b) phenol

c) chlorine

d all of these

Answer -: d

21) Which of the following is an antacid ?

a) sodium carbonate

b) magnesium hydroxide

c) alum

d) sodium chloride

Answer -: b

22) Antiallergy drugs are_______

a) antimicrobials 

b) antihistamines

c) antivirals

d) antihungais

Answer -: b

23) Which of the following is an antihistamine drug?

a) bromopheniramine

b) chlorampheicol

c) ciprofloxacin

d) chloroquine

Answer -: a

24) The cause of allergy in the body is________

a) release of histamine in the body

b) release of butyric acid in the body

c) release of acid in the body

d) release of barbituric acid in the body

Answer -: a

25) Antihistamines are_______

a) to release mental disorders

b) to treat allergy

c) to kill micro organisms

d) to neutralize the excess acid in the stomach

Answer -: b

26) In the following which is not antihistamine.

a) cimetidine

b) ranitidine

c) omeprazole

d) bromo phenirama

Answer -: c

27) The most commonly used food preservative is_______

a) terfenadine

b) sodium benzoate

c) magnesium hydroxide

d) sodium carbonate

Answer -: b

28) Which of the following is used as an antioxidant in food ?

a) BTX

b) BHT

c) BHC

d)sodium chloride

Answer -: b

29) The preservative used in Jams, squashes and pickles is_______

a) sodium benzoate

b)sodium metabisulphited

c) sodium propionate

d) sulphur dioxide

Answer -: c

30) In the following which is not a preservative

a) potassium metabisulphite

b) potassium sorbate

c) sodium propionate

d) sodium carbonate

Answer -: c

31) The substance used as antioxidant for Wine, beer, dried fruits and vegetables is______

a) BHT

b) BHA

c) SO2, and SO3-2

d) sodium sorbate

Answer -: c

32) The natural sweetener is_______

a) cellulose

b) sucrose

c) saccharin

d) aspartame

Answer -: b

33) Which of the following is not an artificial sweetener?

a) saccharin

b) sucralose

c) alitamne

d) sucrose

Answer -: b

34) Ortho sulpho benzimide is______

a) sucrose

b) saccharin

c) aspartame

d) Sucralose

Answer -: b

35) The sweetening agent used by diabetic patients is________

a) alitame

b) glucose

c) saccharin

d) fructose

Answer -: c

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