Some basic concepts of chemistry MCQs | pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on some basic concepts of chemistry

If you are looking for Multiple Choice Questions on some basic concepts of chemistry mcqs pdf for NEET Here we collected some important some basic concepts of chemistry mcqs pdf for class 12th. The mcq pdf for class 12th included in this page have been selected based on the popular questions asked in various competitive exams over the years.

Some basic concepts of chemistry mcqs

Multiple Choice Questions on some basic concepts of chemistry MCQs

1) SI unit for electnc charge is__________

a) Erg

b) Joule

C) Calorie

d) coulomb

Answer -: d

2) Mole is the SI unit of_______

a) concentration 

b) amount of substauce 

c) mass

d) density

Answer -: b

3) Candela is SI unit of________

a) eleciric current

b) Energy 

c) luminous intensity 

d) potential difference

Answer -: c

4) Pascal (Pa) is SI unit of_______

a) Force

b) pressure

c) concentrationn

d) heat capacity

Answer -: b

5) Which of the following is set of fundamental units?

a) mass volume, temperature

b) temperature, time length

c) density, heat, time

d) luminous intensity, mass, heat, capacity

Answer -: b

6) Which of the following is not a unit of length?

a) angstrom

b) radian

c) micron

d) light year

Answer -: b

7) N kg-1 is the unit of_______

a) momentum

b) velocity

C) pressure

d) Acceleration

Answer -: d

8) Which of the following is incorrect about S.l. units?

a) density in kg m

b) forge in Newtons

c) pressure in pascals

d) amount of the substance in mol L

Answer -: d

9) Atomic mass of an elements is___

a) the actual mass of one atom ol the element

b) the relative mass of an atom of the element

c) the average relative mass of dilferent atoms of the element

d) much different from the mass number of the element

Answer -: c

10) Which one of the following statements is incorrect?

a) one gram atom of carbon contains Avogadro s number of molecuha,

b) one mole of oxygen gas coneains Avogadro ‘s number of molecules

c) one mole of hydrogen contains Avogadro’s mumber of atoms

d ane mole of electrons stands for 6.0.2 x 10-23

Answer -: c

11) The percentage of nitrogen in urea is about ________

a)  85

b) 46

C) 18

d) 28

Answer -: b

12) A metal nitride contain 28% nitrogen by mass.  The molecular formula of Metal nitride is Mg3N2. What is the atomic mass of metal? 

a)  72

b) 64

C) 100

d) 24

Answer -: d

13) 16g of gas occupies 5.6 dm3 at S. T. P. The gas may be______

a) oxygen 

b) molecules 

C) both a and b

d) none

Answer -: a

14) The number of water molecules in 1 litre of water is _______

a) 18

b) 18×1000

C)  NA

d) 55.55NA

Answer -: d

15) one mole of calcium phosphide on reaction with excess of water gives______

a)  1 mole of phosphine

b) 2 moles of phosphoric acid

C) 1 moles of phosphorus pentoxide

d)  2 moles of phosphine

Answer -: d

16) How much volumes of oxygen at STP in litre is required to burn 4g of methane gas completely 

a)  11.2

b)  5.6

C) 2.8

d) 8

Answer -: a

17) The oxygen obtained from 72 kg of water  is _______

a)  72g

b) 46g

C) 50g

d) 64g

Answer -: d

18) A hydrocarbons contains 80% of carbon what is the empirical formula of the compound 

a)  CH2

b) CH3

C) CH4

d) CH

Answer -: b

19) The percentage of oxygen in naOH is ________

a) 40

b) 60

C) 8

d) 10

Answer -: a

20) A compound contain 75% C and 25% H.  It may be________

a) C2H2

b) C2H4

C) CH4

d) C6H6

Answer -: c

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