Important MCQ on Zeolites

MCQ Questions on Zeolites with Answers  : 

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Zeolites MCQ Questions and Answers  : 

1. Zeolites are______

(1) Water softener 

(2) Catalyst

(3) Both (1) and (2) 

(4) Colloids

Answer: 3

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2. In The Zeolite Softening Process, The Calcium And Magnesium Present In Water Are Precipitated As________

(1) Insoluble Sulfates 

(2) Insoluble Zeolites 

(3) Insoluble Chlorides 

(4) Insoluble Carbonates

Answer: 1

3. Which of the following is not naturally occurring zeolite?

(1) Na+

(2) Al+3

(3) Si+4

(4) Ca+2

Answer: 4

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4. When zeolite is treated with hard water; there is exchange reaction between calcium/magnesium ion/and_________

(1) Sodium ion

(2) Aluminum ion

(3) Both 

(4) None of the above 

Answer: 1

5. Zeolite softening process removes_________

(1) Temporary Hardness

(2) Permanent Hardness

(3) both temporary and permanent hardness of water.

(4) None of these 

Answer: 3

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6. Zeolites are_________

(1) Water softner

(2) Catalyst

(3) cation exchanger 

(4) All of these

Answer: 4

7. Zeolite used to soften hardness of water is, hydrated__________

(1) Potassium aluminium borate

(2) Sodium aluminium silicate

(3) Calcium aluminium borate

(4) Zinc aluminium borate

Answer: 2

8. Natural zeolites are___________

(1) Porous

(2) Amorphous

(3) Non-durable

(4) Possess gel structure

Answer: 2

9. Types of hardness of water is________

(1) temporary and semi-permanent

(2) permanent and temporary

(3) permanent and partially permanent

(4) none of the above

Answer: 2

10. Zeolites_______

(1) Are microporous aluminosilicates

(2) Have general formula M

x/n[(AlO2)x(SiO2)y ]mH2O

(3) Have pore sizes between 260 pm to 740 pm

(4) All

Answer: 4

11. Zeolites are used as catalyst in_______

(1) Petrochemical industries during cracking

(2) In the preparation of H2


(3) In the hydrolysis of ester

(4) All

Answer: 1

12. In zeolite process, the exchange of ___________ takes place.

(1) Anions

(2) Cations

(3) Both cations and anions

(4) No ions exchange

Answer: 2

13. Which one of the following statements about the zeolites is false__________

(1) Some of the SiO4 units are replaced by AlO4 and AlO6 ions in zeolites

(2) They are used as cation exchangers

(3) They have open structure which enables them

to take up small molecules

(4) Zeolites are aluminosilicates having three dimensional network

Answer: 1

14. Zeolite removes both temporary as well as permanent hardness of water by precipitating calcium and magnesium present in water as insoluble zeolites. Used zeolite is regenerated by flushing with the solution of______________

(1) Calcium sulphate

(2) Sodium chloride

(3) Sodium sulphate

(4) Magnesium chloride

Answer: 2

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