Alcohol phenol ethers mcqs pdf for class 12th

Multiple Choice Questions on alcohol phenol ethers mcqs pdf for class 12th

While preparing for board and NEET exam, you must refer to some good Multiple Choice Questions bank to understand the pattern of exam, practice the questions and know the weightage of each topic in the exams. So, if you are preparing for Class 11 and 12 board exams and preparing for NEET you should refer to some good question bank books with multiple-choice questions, objective questions, explanations and more to score good marks. 

To help you score in the upcoming board and other competitive exams like NEET, here is a list of some of the popular Multiple Choice Questions on alcohol phenol ethers mcqs pdf for class 12th that you can solve online and practice more for your upcoming exams.

If you are looking for Multiple Choice Questions on alcohol phenol ethers mcqs pdf for class 12th Here we collected some important alcohol phenol ethers mcqs pdf for class 12th for you. The alcohol phenol ethers mcqs pdf for class 12th included in this page have been selected based on the popular questions asked in various competitive exams over the years

Alcohol phenol ethers mcqs pdf for class 12th

Multiple Choice Questions on alcohol phenol ethers mcqs 

1) In phenol the term phenol is used for________

a) phenolic smell

b) benzene

c) phenopthalene

d) antisepic

Answer- : b

2) Which of the following has lowest pka value?

a) phenol

b) ethanol

C) m-nitrophenol

d) para nitrophenol

Answer- : d

3) The role of sulphuric acid in nitrating mixture is_________

a) dehydrating agent

b) catalyst

c) to provide NO2 ion from nitric acid

d) act as base

Answer -: c

4) In which of the following reaction 2-hydroxy benzaldehyde is prepared from phenol

a) Kolbe’s reaction

b) Reimer and Tiemann’s reaction

c) diazotization reaction

d) Raschig reaction

Answer- : b

5) In the colour test of phenol with neutral FeCl3 the purple colour is developed due to the formation of_______

a) chlorobenzene

b) ferrous phenoxide ion

c) feric phenoxide ion

d) feric hydroxide ion

Answer- : c

6) The derivative of phenol which is used as a selective weedkiller is_________

a) dettol

b) phenol formaldehyde polymer

c) picric acid

d) 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid

Answer- : d

7) The general formula Cn H2n+2O represent for_______

a) aliphatic ethers

b) aromatic hydroxy compounds

c) aldehydes and ketones

d) aromatic ethers

Answer- : d

8) ln ethers the bond length of C-O bond is_______

a) 136 pm

b) 139 pm

c) 141 pm

d) 121pm

Answer- : c

9) Which of the following isomerism is a special type ot position isomerism?

a) metamerism

b) tautomerism 

C) conformational isomerism

d) optical isomerism 

Answer- : a

10) The bond length of C-O bond in methyl alcohol is _______

a) 96 pm

b) 142 pm

C) 120 pm

d) 154 pm

Answer- : b

11) Which of the following reagent 1s not used to convert alkyl halide into alcohol

a) caustic soda solution (aqueous)

b) aqueous caustic potash

c) moist Ag,O

d) dry silver oxide

Answer- : d

12) On treatment with conc. sulphuric acid followed hydrolysis propylene and ethylene respectively gives-______

a)-propanol and ethanol

b) 2-butanol and ethanol

c) ethanal and 2-propanol

d) 2-propanol and ethanol

Answer- : d

13) Which of the following is not a suitable reagent for the conversion of aldehydes and ketones into primary secondary alcohols respectively

a) Na-Hg/HO

b) Zn/HCI (alcoholic)

c) conc. H2SO4

d) H/Raney Ni

Answer- : c

14) Hydration of alkenes except ethene produces-________

a) 2° alcohols

b) 1° and 3° alcohols

c) 3° alcohols

d) 2° and 3° alcohols

Answer- : d

15)Unknown compound X on hydration by conc. H2S04 gives’ Y. the compound Y on Oxidation gives acetone The compound X is,

a) CH3CH=CH2



d) CH2=CH2

Answer- : a

16) Formaldehyde when treated with Grignard ‘s reagent and the adduct after acid hydrolysis gives_______

a) secondary alcohol

b) dihydric alcohol

c) primary alcohol

d) tertiary alcohol

Answer- : c

17) When acetone is treated with methyl magnesium iodide in etheral medium and Mg-complex is hydrolysed in acid medium gives_______

a) iso-propyl alcohol

b)tert-butyl alcohol

c) sec-butyl alcohol

d n-butyl alcohol

Answer- : b

18) which of the following is not a characteristic Of alcohol ?

a) Lower members are insoluble in water but solubility regularly increases with molecular weight 

b) They are lighter than water

c) lower members have a pleasant smell and burning taste, higher members are odourless and


d) Their B.P. rise fairly uniformly with rising molecular weight

Answer- : b

19) Alcohols forms hydrogen bonding____

a) only among themselves

b) only with water

c) in chloroform

d) both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Answer- : d

20) As the number of -OH groups in alcohol increases_____

a) boiling point decreases

b) viscosity decreases

c) density decreases

d) boiling point increases

Answer- : d

21) In which of the following compounds, hydrogen bonding is maximum

a) C2H5Cl

b) C2H5NH2

c) C2H5OH

d) C2H5-O-C2H5

Answer- : c

22) Which of the following compound has highest boiling point?

a) 1-butanol

b) iso-butyl alcohol

c) 2-butanol

d) tert-butyl alcohol

Answer- : d

23) Phenol reacts with bromine in CS2 at low temperature to give,______

a) m-bromophenol

b) p-bromophenol

c) 0-and p-bromophenols

d) 2,4,0-tribromopheno

Answer- : c

24) Phenol is treated with bromine water and shaken well.The white precipitate formed during process is_______

a) m-bromophenol

b) 2,4-dibromophenol

c) 2,4,6-tribromophenol

d) a mixture of o- and p- bromophenols

Answer- : c 

25) In the nitration of phenol with a mixture of conc. HNO3 and conc. H2SO4 the active species involved is______

a) nitrite ion

b) nitronium ion (NO2+,)

c) nitrate ion

d) none

Answer- : b

26) Molar ratio of phenol and bromine in aqueous solution of bromination of phenol is_____

a) I:3

b) 2:3

c) 3:1

d) 3:2

Answer- : a

27) In the reaction of phenol with CHCI3 and aqueous NaOH at 70°C (343 K), the electrophile attacking the ring

a) CHCl3

b) CHCl2,

c) COCI2

d) :CCl2

Answer- : d

28) The reaction of phenol with conc. HNO3 and conc H2SO4 gives_______

a) o phenol sulphonic acid

b) P phenol sulphonic acid

c) 2,4,6-trinitro phenol

d) 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene

Answer- : c

29) Phenol and benzoic acid can be distinguished by_______

a) aq. NaHCO3

b) aq. NaNO3,

c) aq. NaOH

d) conc. H2SO4

Answer- : a

30) In the preparation of ethers by Williamson Synthesis the most convenient pairs are______

a) a primary alkylhalide and the alkoxy off tetiary alcohol

b) a secondary alkylhalide and the alkoxy of tertiary alcohol

c) a tertiary alkylhalide and the alkoxy of tertiary alcohol

d) a primary alkylhalide and the alkoxy of primary alcohol

Answer- : a

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