MCQ on Biodiversity

MCQ on Biodiversity with Answers: 

1. What is biodiversity?

A. Biodiversity is all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area

B. Biodiversity refers to the variety of flora and fauna in an area.

C. Both A and B

D. None of these

Answer: C


2. Who discovered the term biodiversity?

A. Walter G. Rosen.

B. Arthur Tansley

C. Eugene Odum

D. Charles Darwin

Answer: A


3. Why biodiversity is important?

A. Biodiversity ensures health and food security.

B. Biodiversity helps fight disease.

C. Biodiversity provides livelihoods and protects us

D. All of these

Answer: D


4. Among the levels of biodiversity, ( ) is the most obvious and the easiest to measure. 

A. Genetic diversity

B. Species diversity

C. Genetic diversity

D. Ecosystem diversity

Answer: B


5. Which of the following factors influences biodiversity 

A. Temperature,

B. Altitude, Precipitation,

C. Soils, and their relation with other species.

D. All of these

Answer: D


6. What is the correct abbreviation for IUCN?

A. International Union for Conservation of Nuts

B. International Union for Conservation of Nature

C. International Union for Conservation of Natural Habitat

D. International Union for Conservation of Numbers

Answer: B


7. The main study of ecology is 

A. How organisms adapt to their environment

B. How organisms modify the environment

C. how the environment affects living things

D. Interrelationships between organisms and the environment

Answer : D


8. What factor affects biodiversity?

A. pollution,

B. habitat loss, hunting,

C. introduction of invasive species

D. All of these

Answer: D


9. Chipko Movement was strengthened under the leadership of

A. Amrita Devi Bishnoi

b. Medha Patkar

C. A. K. Banerjee

D. Sunder Lal Bahuguna

Answer: D


10. Which of the following national parks of India is listed in the Natural World Heritage Sites of UNESCO?

A. Namdapha National Park

B. Dachigam National Park

C. Keoladeo Ghana National Park

D. Bandipur National Park

Answer: C


11. Which of these is the most effective means of Conserving Biodiversity?

A. Preserve habitats.

B. Get rid of predators.

C. Census species during the breeding season.

D. Vaccinate species against diseases.

Answer: A


12. What is an important reason for natural resource conservation?

A. Disturb the ecological balance

B. Preserve the biological diversity

C. Disruption of the quality of the environment

D. Hampering the biological species

Answer: B


True or False: 

1. Animals, plants, microorganisms in nature, and the ecosystems they inhabit are the foundation of material and spiritual civilization in human society. 

A: True

B: False

Answer: A


2. Biodiversity is the unity of the ecosystem composed of all biological species, genetic variation within species, and their living environment. 

A: True

B: False

Answer: A


3. A species is not a static unit, but a dynamic one in the process of evolution entity. The same species may have different forms at different times. 

A: True

B: False

Answer: A


4. The United Nations Environment Program reports that global forests have been reduced by half in history, mainly due to ( ). 

A: Human activities

B: Natural disasters

Answer: A

Hopefully, you enjoyed these MCQ on Biodiversity.

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