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Gk Questions about India | General Knowledge about India:

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and is full of multicolored diversities and rich cultural heritage. At the same time, India has adapted itself to the changing times, has made multidimensional social and economic progress in the years since independence. In terms of area, India comes at number seven among the countries of the world. Geographically, India has a special identity. It is bounded by the Himalayas in the north, the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west and the Indian Ocean in the south. Let us get acquainted with other factual information about India… Here below we have collected GK questions about India.
National Symbols of India:
  • National Anthem of India: Jan-Gan-Man
  • National song of India: Vande mataram
  • National Slogan of India: Satyamev Jayate
  • Father of the Nation of India: Mahatma Gandhi, 
  • National Award of India: Bharat Ratna
  • National tree of India: banyan
  • National Currency of India: Rupee (₹)
  • India’s national river:  Ganga
  • National bird of India: Peacock 
  • National animal of India: Tiger
  • National flower of India: lotus
  • National fruit of India: mango
  • National Plan of India: Five-Year Plan
  • The national sport of India: hockey
  • National sweet of India: Jalebi
  • National Festivals of India: 26 January (Republic Day), 15 August (Independence Day)

Quiz on Indian geography:
  • Which train runs between India and Pakistan? Samjhauta and Thar Express
  • When was the Radcliffe Line drawn between India and Pakistan? – on August 15, 1947
  • Who determined the boundary line between India and Pakistan? – Sir Cyril John Radcliffe
  • What is the extent of India from north to south? – 3214 km
  • What is the total area of ​​India? – 32, 87, 263 sq km
  • How much is the area of ​​India the area of ​​the world? – 2.42%
  • What is the extent of India from east to west? – 2933 km
  • Cauvery water dispute is between which states? Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
  • With which country India has a dispute over Newmoor Island? – with Bangladesh
  • Which river is called the mourning of Bihar? – Kosi river
  • Which city is called the abode of God? – Prayag
  • Which port is called the gateway of India? – Mumbai
  • Which state has the longest coastline? – Gujarat
  • What is the highest peak of the Aravalli mountain range called? – Guru Shikhar
  • Adam’s bridge is situated between which two countries? – India and Sri Lanka
  • Which is the largest district by area? – Kutch, Gujarat
  • What is its rank of India in the world in terms of area? – seventh place
  • What is the order of the three big states of India in terms of area? – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra
  • Which is the Kharif crop? Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Rice, Sesame, etc.
  • Which is the largest saltwater lake? – Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan
  • Which is the origin point of the river Ganga? Gangotri, Uttarakhand
  • What is the rank of India in the world in terms of population? – Second
  • What is the part of Jammu and Kashmir that is under China’s control – Oxai China
  • What is called Dakshin Ganga? – Godavari river
  • What is its rank of India in the world in milk production? – first place
  • Which is the highest-altitude battle site in the world? – Siachen Glacier

Highest and Tallest in India:

  • Highest Cricket Ground — Chail Cricket Ground (Himachal)
  • Tallest TV Tower — Pitampura (New Delhi)
  • Highest door — Buland Darwaza (Fatehpur Sikri)
  • Tallest tower — Qutub Minar (Delhi)
  • Tallest Statue — Statue of Unity (Gujarat)
  • Highest Dam — Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand
  • Highest mountain peak — Godwin Austin (K-2)

Largest and Longest in India:

  • Longest distance train — Vivek Express
  • Longest River — Ganga River
  • Longest Tunnel — Chenani-Nashri Tunnel (Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Longest river bridge — Bhupen Hazarika Setu (Assam)
  • Longest Dam — Hirakud Dam
  • Longest National Highway — National Highway no. 7 (Varanasi to Kanyakumari)
  • Longest Railway Bridge — Vembanad Railway Bridge (Kerala)
  • Longest Railway Platform — Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Longest road bridge — Mahatma Gandhi Setu (Patna)
  • Longest Beach — Marina Beach (Chennai)
  • Longest Coastal State – Gujarat
  • Longest Canal — Indira Gandhi Canal or Rajasthan Canal
  • Longest Tunnel — Jawahar Tunnel (Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Largest dome — Gol Gumbaz (Bijapur, Karnataka)
  • Biggest Gumbaz — Gol Gumbaz (Bijapur)
  • Largest Gurdwara — Golden Temple, Amritsar
  • Largest hospital — B. J. Medical Hospital, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  • Largest Church — Cathedral Church (Goa)
  • Largest Zoo — Zoological Garden (Kolkata)
  • Largest Post Office — GPO (General Post Office) (Mumbai)
  • Largest Delta — Sundarban Delta (West Bengal)
  • Largest Planetarium — Birla Planetarium (Kolkata)
  • Largest newspaper factory — Nepanagar (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Most extensive Library — National Library (Kolkata)
  • Largest natural harbor — Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  • Largest Port — Mumbai
  • Largest Temple — Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple (Tamil Nadu)
  • Largest desert — Thar (Rajasthan)
  • ​​Largest Museum — National Museum (Kolkata)
  • Largest Auditorium — Shanmukh Nanda Hall (Mumbai)
  • Largest cinema— Thangam (Madurai, Tamil Nadu)
  • Largest cinema hall—Raj Mandir (Jaipur)
  • Largest Stadium — Salt Lake Stadium (Kolkata)
  • Largest artificial lake — Govind Sagar (Bhakra Nangal)
  • Largest Cave Temple — Kailash Temple (Ellora)
  • Biggest Jail — Tihar Jail (Delhi)
  • Biggest Masjid— Jama Masjid (Delhi)
  • Largest oil refinery — Koyli (Gujarat)
  • Largest Hall – Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu)
  • Largest Cycle Manufacturer Company — Hero Cycle Ltd. (Haryana)

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