GK Questions About India

GK Questions about India: India, one of the oldest civilizations globally, boasts a rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions. Over the years since gaining independence, India has demonstrated remarkable social and economic progress, adapting to changing times and evolving into a multidimensional society.

Geographically, India holds a distinctive position on the world map. It ranks seventh in terms of land area. Bounded by the Himalayas to the north, the Bay of Bengal to the east, the Arabian Sea to the west, and the Indian Ocean to the south, India’s geography is both diverse and captivating.

Let’s go into some fascinating facts about India through the following collection of GK questions.

National Symbols GK

The national symbols of India hold significant cultural and historical importance, serving as potent symbols of national pride and identity. The Indian flag, adorned with vibrant colors of saffron, white, and green, represents courage, peace, and fertility, respectively. The Ashoka Chakra, a central motif on the flag, symbolizes progress and righteousness.

The national emblem is a rendition of the Lion Capital of Ashoka, featuring four lions standing back to back on a circular abacus. This emblem signifies strength, courage, and unity, embodying the ideals of the nation.

“Jana Gana Mana,” the national anthem of India, composed by Rabindranath Tagore, is a soul-stirring ode to the diversity and unity of the country. Its lyrics celebrate the rich tapestry of India’s heritage and the collective spirit of its people.

These national symbols serve as reminders of India’s values, history, and aspirations, fostering a sense of belonging and unity among its citizens. They are revered symbols that encapsulate the essence of India’s cultural heritage and national identity.

National SymbolName
National AnthemJan-Gan-Man
National SongVande Mataram
National SloganSatyamev Jayate
Father of the NationMahatma Gandhi
National AwardBharat Ratna
National TreeBanyan
National CurrencyRupee (₹)
National RiverGanga
National BirdPeacock
National AnimalTiger
National FlowerLotus
National FruitMango
National PlanFive-Year Plan
National SportHockey
National SweetJalebi
National FestivalsRepublic Day (26 January), Independence Day (15 August)
GK Questions About India

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Tallest and Highest in INDIA

Highest Cricket GroundChail Cricket Ground (Himachal)Himachal Pradesh
Tallest TV TowerPitampuraNew Delhi
Highest DoorBuland DarwazaFatehpur Sikri
(Uttar Pradesh)
Tallest TowerQutub MinarDelhi
Tallest StatueStatue of UnityGujarat
Highest DamTehri DamUttarakhand
Highest Mountain PeakGodwin Austin (K-2)Pakistan

Longest and Largest in INDIA

Longest Distance TrainVivek Express
Longest RiverGanga River
Longest TunnelChenani-Nashri Tunnel
Longest River BridgeBhupen Hazarika Setu
Longest DamHirakud Dam
Longest National HighwayNational Highway no. 7
Longest Railway BridgeVembanad Railway Bridge
Longest Railway PlatformGorakhpur
Longest Road BridgeMahatma Gandhi Setu
Longest BeachMarina Beach
Longest Coastal StateGujarat
Longest CanalIndira Gandhi Canal or Rajasthan Canal
Longest TunnelJawahar Tunnel
Largest DomeGol Gumbaz
Largest GurdwaraGolden Temple
Largest HospitalB. J. Medical Hospital
Largest ChurchCathedral Church
Largest ZooZoological Garden
Largest Post OfficeGPO (General Post Office)
Largest DeltaSundarban Delta
Largest PlanetariumBirla Planetarium
Largest Newspaper FactoryNepanagar
Most Extensive LibraryNational Library
Largest Natural HarborMumbai
Largest PortMumbai
Largest TempleSri Ranganathaswamy Temple
Largest DesertThar
Largest MuseumNational Museum
Largest AuditoriumShanmukh Nanda Hall
Largest CinemaThangam
Largest Cinema HallRaj Mandir
Largest StadiumSalt Lake Stadium
Largest Artificial LakeGovind Sagar
Largest Cave TempleKailash Temple
Biggest JailTihar Jail
Biggest MasjidJama Masjid
Largest Oil RefineryKoyli
Largest HallRamanathaswamy Temple
Largest Cycle Manufacturer CompanyHero Cycle Ltd.

Geography GK Questions about INDIA

Train running between India and PakistanSamjhauta and Thar Express
Date of Radcliffe Line drawingAugust 15, 1947
Determiner of India-Pakistan boundary lineSir Cyril John Radcliffe
India’s extent from north to south3,214 km
Total area of India3,287,263 sq km
India’s area as a percentage of the world2.42%
India’s extent from east to west2,933 km
States in the Cauvery water disputeKarnataka and Tamil Nadu
Country with a dispute over Newmoor IslandBangladesh
River known as the sorrow of BiharKosi river
City known as the abode of GodPrayag
Port known as the gateway of IndiaMumbai
State with the longest coastlineGujarat
Highest peak of the Aravalli mountain rangeGuru Shikhar
Location of Adam’s bridgeBetween India and Sri Lanka
Largest district by areaKutch, Gujarat
India’s rank in the world by areaSeventh
Three largest states of India by areaRajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra
Kharif cropsJowar, Bajra, Maize, Rice, Sesame, etc.
Largest saltwater lakeSambhar Lake, Rajasthan
Origin point of the river GangaGangotri, Uttarakhand
India’s rank in the world by populationSecond
Part of Jammu and Kashmir under China’s controlOxai China
Dakshin GangaGodavari river
India’s rank in the world in milk productionFirst
Highest-altitude battle site in the worldSiachen Glacier

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