MCQ on Totipotency

Multiple Choice Questions on Totipotency: 

1. Totipotency of a cell refers to ________

A. Cells have a full range of physiological functions

B. Cells can both differentiate and return to their pre-differentiated state

C. Differentiated cells still have the potential to develop into a complete individual

D. All differentiated cells can be further differentiated

Answer: C

2. Which of the following is totipotent______

A. egg cells

b. Plant pollen

C. somatic cells

D. fertilized egg

Answer: D

3. Which of the following cells is most likely to express totipotency________

A. Frog skin cells

B. Phloem cells of carrot

C. Liver cells of mice

D. Germinal cells of human skin

Answer: B

4. Which Of The Following Plant Cells Show Totipotency_______

A. Cork Cells

B. Meristem

C. Sieve Tubes

D. Xylem Vessels.

Answer: B

5. Cells in living organisms do not exhibit totipotency because________

A. Cells lose totipotency

B. Gene expression is selective

C. genetic changes

D. Different cells have different genes

Answer: B

6. Which of the following statements about cell totipotency is incorrect_________

A. Possessing all genetic information is the basis for a cell to be totipotent

B. Refers to the cell has the potential to differentiate into a complete individual

C. Totipotency increases with the degree of cell differentiation

D. Expression of somatic totipotency is achieved by cell dedifferentiation and redifferentiation

Answer: C

7. The following experiments that do not indicate that cells are totipotent are_______

A. Plants grown from corn pollen grains

B. Plants are grown from sunflower cells transformed with storage protein genes

C. Skin is grown from healthy cells from burn patients

D. Artificial seeds obtained by plant tissue culture develop into plants

Answer: C

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