MCQ on Cellular Senescence

Cellular Senescence MCQ Questions and Answers: 

1. Cellular senescence is_______

A. normal physiological phenomenon

B. The result of special differentiation

C. The result of abnormal differentiation

D. unchangeable

Answer: A

2. Which of the following cells has the longest lifespan_______

A. Root apex and root cap cells

B. apical meristem cells

C. apical elongation zone cells

D. apical mature zone cells

Answer: B

3. Which of the following can induce cellular senescence?

A. abnormal cellular growth, B. oxidative stress,

C. autophagy factors,

D. All of the above

Answer: D

4. Which of the following is not a feature of cellular senescence___________

A. Decrease intracellular water

B. Cell metabolism is slow

C. Cells cannot continue to differentiate

D. Intracellular pigment accumulation

Answer: C

5. What is incorrect about cellular senescence in multicellular organisms______

A. Decreasing water content in cells

B. The aging of cells is equivalent to the aging of the body

C. In aging cells, the activity of enzymes is reduced

D. Changes in the permeability of cell membranes

Answer: B

6. Among the following, the characteristics of cell senescence are__________

(1) infinite cell division

(2) decreased water content and smaller size

(3) deformity change

(4) decreased enzyme activity

(5) pigmentation

(6) easy transfer and diffusion

(7) Reduced respiration rate

(8) Changes in membrane permeability

A. (1)(3)(6)

B. (1)(2)(5)(7)

C. (2)(4)(5)(7)(8)

D. (2)(4)(6)(8)

Answer: C

7. What does not change during cellular senescence is_______

A. The permeability of the cell membrane

B. Enzyme activity

C. The volume of the nucleus

D. Types of nuclear genetic material and chemical elements that make up cells

Answer: D

8. Cellular senescence is a normal life phenomenon. Changes that do not occur in human cells during aging are_________

A. Decreased activity of many enzymes

B. Increased number of mitochondria in cells

C. Nuclei increase in size

D. cellular respiration rate slows

Answer: B

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