NEET PYQ Chapterwise 2025 – Biology, Chemistry & Physics Free PDF

NEET PYQ Chapterwise: Preparing for the NEET exam can be a daunting task, but utilizing resources like the NEET PYQ PDF can significantly ease the process. By studying our NEET PYQs, you can get an idea of the exam pattern, previously asked questions and important topics.

These NEET PYQs One of the highly recommended resources by toppers, which gives a clear picture of what to expect in the actual exam. For those focusing on biology, Chemistry and Physics. This resource breaks down the questions by chapterwise, allowing students to target their weak areas more effectively.

If you want to study medicine in India and get admission to a best government or private medical college, then it becomes necessary to take the NEET exam. The NEET exam is the gateway to securing a seat in any medical college across the country, whether government or private. To be eligible for this exam, students must meet certain rules and conditions, like you must pass 11th and 12th class studies with 50 percent marks in biology subjects. The NEET exam conducted pen and paper mode.

NEET PYQ Chapterwise - Biology, Chemistry & Physics

There are a total of 200 questions in the NEET exam, out of which you have to answer only 180 questions. According to this pattern, 50 questions are asked from each subject. These 50 questions are divided into two sections: A and B. Section A contains 35 questions which are mandatory to answer, whereas Section B contains 15 questions out of which you have to answer any 10.

NEET PYQ Chapterwise – Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Ybstudy is making new efforts every day to support and guide NEET candidates. In this series, we have introduced a wide range of Daily NEET MCQs for the candidates. These NEET PYQ Chapterwise questions in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are more beneficial when practiced regularly and through standard questions.

Students can easily secure full marks on these questions if they clearly understand the concepts and get sufficient practice. This article presents the NEET PYQ Chapterwise questions in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, which will help you effectively revise the key concepts and master the diverse topics covered in the exam, ensuring a strong foundation for scoring well in the NEET Exam 2025. All questions are provided with answers and can be downloaded in PDF from the link provided towards the end of this article.

These NEET PYQ question paper often comes with solutions, making it easier for students to understand their mistakes and learn the correct methods. Additionally, the pyq NEET biology resources can help in reinforcing concepts and improving accuracy. As the NEET 2025 approaches, it’s crucial to utilize these MCQ, including the NEET PYQ 2025 collection. By integrating the practice of NEET PYQs into your study routine, you can familiarize themselves with the types of questions that appear on the exam.

NEET PYQ Biology

When studying biology, it is important to be able to properly classify organisms, and to remember the names of their structures and functions, as well as the tasks they perform. In order to remember the classification, we recommend creating a classification chart.

Try drawing a picture in your notebook that summarizes the structures and functions of organisms. Drawing it yourself will help you remember it more easily. Having it in your notebook will also come in handy when you review the material.

To strengthen your knowledge effectively, we provides you with a collection of NEET Biology PYQ questions and answers. Our expert team prepares accurate and detailed solutions for each question included in this subject.

NEET PYQ Biology

Class 11 Chapterwise NEET Biology Questions

Class 12 Chapterwise NEET Biology Questions

Chapters and TopicsAverage No. of
Genetics & Biotechnology1524%
Plant Physiology813%
Plant Diversity712%
Cell Biology & Cell Division610%
Plant Reproduction59%
Plant Morphology47%
Plant Anatomy24%
Biology in Human Welfare12%
Human Physiology1345%
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health518%
Origin & Evolution310%
Animal Diversity310%
Human Health & Diseases39%
Animal Tissue13%
Animal husbandry13%
Structural Organisation in Animals12%

NEET PYQ Chemistry

Chemistry is an important and scoring part of NEET Exam. Chapterwise MCQ Questions from class 11 and class 12 Chemistry NCERT Book must be practiced well before any student gives the exam.

In Chemistry you learn about the concentration of substances, gases, and aqueous solutions, as well as solubility and changes in the state of substances, chemical reactions, chemical formulas, acids, and alkalis and neutralization. When studying chemistry, memorization is important.

You need to thoroughly memorize the names of substances and their properties, as well as how to use laboratory equipment. You should also be able to solve calculation problems. Doing a number of calculation problems will help you gain knowledge. Chemistry is a cumulative learning process, so if you are having trouble with chemistry, it is recommended that you go back to the previous year’s unit and study it.

NEET PYQ Chemistry

Class 11 Chapterwise Chemistry Questions for NEET

Class 12 Chapterwise Chemistry Questions for NEET

NEET Chapter Wise Weightage 2024 for Chemistry
Chapters/TopicsAverage No. of QuestionsWeightage (%)
Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques25%
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers14%
Redox Reactions13%
Structure of Atom24%
The p-Block Elements (XII)26%
The p-Block Elements26%
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure37%
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties12%
Chemical Kinetics25%
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes14%
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry24%
Coordination Compounds25%
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids39%
The d and f-Block Elements26%

NEET PYQ Physics

Many students thinks physics is one of the hardest subject to study but Studying physics is an important part of NEET Exam preparation. Chapterwise MCQ Questions from class 11 and class 12 physics will definately help you to score better in physics section.

In physics, students learn about light, sound, force, electricity, motion and energy. The key to physics is understanding the principles. It is important not to simply memorize the laws and formulas, but to understand the principles and then be able to use them.

A good study method is to memorize the laws and formulas and then actually solve problems. By solving problems, you will gradually come to understand the meaning of the formulas. It is also important to review properly. Reviewing will help you develop the ability to apply what you have learned, allowing you to solve more problems.

NEET PYQ Physics

Class 11 Chapterwise NEET Physics Questions

Class 12 Chapterwise NEET Physics Questions

NEET Chapter Wise Weightage 2025 for Physics
Physics Chapters/TopicsAverage No. of QuestionsWeightage (%)
Mechanical Properties of Solids12%
Moving Charges and Magnetism25%
Center of Mass & System of Particles12%
Wave Optics12%
Electromagnetic Induction13%
Mechanical Properties of Fluids23%
Electromagnetic Waves23%
Rotational Motion36%
Ray Optics and Optical Instruments36%
Kinetic Theory of Gases13%
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter23%
Current Electricity510%
Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits35%
Units and Measurements35%
Work Energy and Power23%
Electric Charges and Fields23%
Magnetism and Matter11%
Motion in a Plane13%
Mathematical Tools & Vectors11%
Laws of Motion12%
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance35%
Alternating Current24%
Thermal Properties of Matter01%
Motion in a Straight Line13%

NEET PYQ Topicwise – Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Due to the dynamic pattern of NEET exam in recent years, it has become necessary to revise our strategy according to the changing needs of the exam. with our vast experience of successfully guiding and counselling students with the appropriate strategy to understand various aspects of the NEET exam. Here below we have provides NEET PYQ topicwise.

These Topicwise NEET MCQ Test Series is strategically designed with comprehensive coverage to help students complete their preparation with a scientific strategy for the NEET exam. These gives Comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus of the NEET Exam through standard Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and cover all the topics in a given time and assess the subject-wise progress through sectional tests.

These NEET PYQ – Biology, Chemistry & Physics helps to select the correct answer like elimination method, identifying specific words to arrive at the correct answer, etc.

NEET Biology MCQ Topicwise

Class 11 Physics MCQ Chapter-wiseMHT CET PYQ Chapter-wise PDF
Biology MCQ Chapter-wise PDF Free DownloadPYQ Biology Chapter-wise PDF
Biology QuestionsChemistry Questions Chapter-wise PDF
Chapter-wise Previous Year Questions Free Download PDFNEET MCQ
Chemistry MCQ Topicwise and Chapterwise with AnswersBiochemistry MCQ with Answers PDF
MCQ on VaccinesMass and Weight MCQ PDF
MCQs on Hydraulics and PneumaticsMCQ on Parthenocarpy
MCQ on Bones and Joints PDFMCQ on Joints and Its Types
MCQ on LeprosyMCQ on Embryo
MCQ on Skeletal SystemMCQ Questions on Reptilia Reptiles MCQ
MCQ on Pollen Grains with Answers PDFMCQ on Double Fertilization PDF
MCQ on Endosperm PDFMCQ on Parthenogenesis with Answers
MCQ on Pollination with Answers PDFMCQ on Fundamental Rights PDF
MCQ on Pharmacology PDFMCQ on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance PDF
MCQ on Anemia PDFEcology MCQ Questions and Answers PDF
MCQ on Vegetables PDFMCQ on Insurance PDF
MCQ on Mendelian Genetics PDFMCQ on Connective Tissue for NEET
MCQ on Male Reproductive SystemMCQ on Gangrene
Bone Fracture QuizQuestions on Burn Quiz
Endocrine System Quiz: Endocrine TestMCQs in Biochemistry
MCQs on Microbiology: Microbiology QuizTest Banks for Medical Surgical Nursing
Diabetes Quiz: Questions and Answers PDFQuiz on Emotions
MCQ on Bacteria PDFRecombinant DNA Technology MCQ with Answers PDF
MCQ on Food Chain and Food WebMCQ on AIDS PDF
MCQ on Plant Hormone PDFMCQ on Genetic Disorders PDF
MCQ on Chromosomal Abnormalities PDFMCQ on Nucleic Acid PDF
MCQ on Genetic Material PDFMCQ on Central Dogma PDF
Population Ecology MCQs PDFCommunity Structure and Diversity MCQ
Carbon Cycle MCQs PDFMCQ on Organ Transplantation Graft
MCQ on Nitrogen Fixation with Answers PDFMCQ on ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
MCQ on Cancer with Answers PDFMCQ on Auxin PDF
Quiz on Heart: Multiple Choice QuestionsHeart Failure: Multiple Choice Questions
MCQ on Heart DiseaseMCQ on Liver PDF
Plant Cell: Multiple Choice QuestionsMCQ on Flower PDF
MCQ on Positive and Negative NumbersMCQ on Rational Numbers PDF
MCQ on Heterozygous GenotypeSignal Transduction MCQs with Answers PDF
MCQ on Cell Signaling PDFMCQ on Homozygous Genes
Fermentation MCQMCQ on Antibodies
MCQs on Female Reproductive SystemMultiple Choice Questions on Protein
MCQ on Transport Across Cell Membrane: Active and PassiveCitric Acid Production MCQ Questions and Answers
MCQs on Surface Tension and Surface EnergyMCQs on Current Affairs for Competitive Exams
MCQ on EconomicsFermentation MCQ
MCQ on Strain ImprovementBioleaching MCQ
Radioimmunoassay MCQ Questions and AnswersBiology Topics for Students
Continuous Sterilization MCQ Questions and AnswersBatch Sterilization MCQ Questions and Answers
MCQ on DNA PDFAmino Acid MCQ with Answers PDF
MCQ on RNA PDFProtease Enzymes: Definition, Types, and Functions, Examples
Human Genome Project MCQ with AnswersMCQ on Chromosomes
MCQ on Cell TheoryMCQ on Antigen
MCQ on Microscopy PDFMCQ on Ozone Layer Depletion with Answers
MCQ on Environment with Answers PDFMCQ on Research Methodology PDF
MCQ on Gymnosperms with AnswersMCQ on Bryophytes with Answers
MCQ on Ultrasound with Answers PDFSolved MCQ on Endoplasmic Reticulum
MCQ for CBT Ultrasound ExamSolved MCQ on Algae with Answers PDF
MCQ on Red Algae with AnswersMCQ on Brown Algae with Answers
MCQ on Polysiphonia with AnswersMCQ on Ribosomes with Answers
MCQ on LysosomesMCQ on Nucleus with Answers PDF
MCQ on Vacuoles with AnswersMCQs on Plasma Membrane PDF
MCQ on Cell Organelles with Answers PDFMCQ on Cell Wall with Answers PDF
MCQ on Cytoplasm PDFMCQ on Mitochondria mtDNA MCQ
Multiple Choice Questions on MineralsMCQ Questions on Global Warming
MCQ on Cell with Answers PDFMCQ for MSC Nursing Entrance Exam with Answers PDF
MCQ for Nursing Entrance Exam PDF B.Sc M.ScMCQ for Biotechnology with Answers PDF
Surface Chemistry Class 12 MCQ for NEETMCQ on Environmental Chemistry with Answers PDF
MCQ on Adsorption with AnswersMCQ on Nutrition with Answers PDF
MCQ on DemographyMCQ on Micro and Macro Nutrients
MCQ on Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionMCQ on Neural Control and Coordination
MCQ on Chemical Bonding with Answers PDFMCQ on Plant Tissue Culture with Answers PDF
Important MCQs on Nucleotide NucleosideImportant MCQ on Photosynthesis
Most Important MCQs on ChloroplastImportant MCQs on Enzymes
The Living World MCQBiological Classification
Plant Kingdom MCQAnimal Kingdom MCQ
Morphology of Flowering Plants MCQ with AnswersAnatomy of Flowering Plants
MCQ on Structural Organisation in AnimalsCell the Unit of Life Class 11
MCQs on Biomolecules for Class 12MCQ on Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Transport in Plants MCQMineral Nutrition
Important MCQ on PhotosynthesisRespiration in Plants
MCQ on Plant Growth and DevelopmentDigestion and Absorption
MCQ on Breathing and Exchange of GasesBody Fluids and Circulation MCQ with Answers PDF
Excretory Products and Their EliminationLocomotion and Movement
Control and Coordination Class 10 MCQ with Answers PDFChemical Coordination and Integration MCQ
Reproduction in OrganismsMCQ on Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant
Human ReproductionReproductive Health MCQ
MCQ on Principle of Inheritance and VariationMCQ on Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Evolution MCQ MCQ on Human Health and Disease
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production MCQ PDFMicrobes in Human Welfare MCQ PDF
MCQ on Biotechnology Principles and ProcessesMCQ on Biotechnology and Its Applications
Biology MCQs Class 12 Chap 13: Organisms and PopulationsMCQ on Ecosystem with Answers PDF
Class 11 Physics MCQ Chapter-wiseBiology MCQs for Class 12 Chapter-wise with Answers PDF Download for NEET
NEET Biology MCQ Chapter-wise PDF Free DownloadChemistry MCQs for Class 12 Chapter-wise with Answers PDF Maharashtra Board
NEET PYQ Biology Chapter-wise PDFNEET Biology Questions
NEET Chemistry Questions Chapter-wise PDFNEET Chapter-wise Previous Year Questions Free Download PDF
NEET Chemistry MCQ Topicwise and Chapterwise with AnswersNEET MCQ
Biochemistry MCQ with Answers PDFMCQ on Vaccines
Quiz on HIVMCQ on Proteins and Amino Acids PDF
MCQ on Genetic RecombinationMCQ on UV Radiation

NEET PYQ Physics Topicwise

Chapter-wise MCQ Questions for Class 11 Physics with Answers PDF Free DownloadPhysics Objective Questions for 12th PDF Updated
Eddy Currents Testing MCQMultiple Choice Questions on Diffraction of Light
MCQs on Transformer PDF Online TestMCQs on Transistor PDF
A Perfectly Black Body MCQ for NEETMCQ on Elasticity PDF
Logic Gates MCQ Questions and Answers PDF DownloadPPL MCQ: MCQ on Polarisation
MCQs on Simple PendulumMCQ on Voltmeter PDF
MCQ on Amplitude Modulation PDFMCQs on General Principal Processes of Isolation of Elements for Class 12 PDF
MCQ on Stationary Waves for NEET Class 12MCQs on Resonance Tube for NEET
Doppler Effect MCQ for NEET Free PDFMCQs on Sonometer for Class 12 NEET
MCQ on Potentiometer Class 12 NEETMCQs on Electrostatics Class 12 PDF
Class 11 Mathematical Methods MCQs PDFMCQs on Chemical Kinetics for NEET PDF
MCQs on Magnetism for All ClassesMCQs on Semiconductor Updated PDF
Solar Cell MCQs Download PDFChemical Thermodynamics Energetic MCQs for NEET PDF
Optical Communication MCQ PDFSatellite Communication MCQ PDF
Newton’s Law Gravitation MCQ for NEET PDFUniform Circular Motion NEET MCQ
Physics MCQ Questions Class 9 Motion with Answers PDFKinetic Theory of Gases Class 11 NEET MCQs
Physics MCQs on Banking of RoadDigital Electronics MCQs for GATE
MCQ on Ultrasound with Answers PDFMCQ for CBT Ultrasound Exam
Angular Momentum MCQs PDF UpdatedOscillation MCQ with Solution PDF
MCQs on First Law of ThermodynamicsThermodynamics MCQ Questions and Answer PDF

NEET PYQ Chemistry Topicwise

Molar Mass MCQMCQ on Pharmacology
MCQ on AminesS-Block Elements MCQ
Hydrogen MCQ Questions and answersorganic Reaction Mechanism MCQ
Hydrocarbon MCQIsomerism MCQ with Answers
Redox Reaction MCQMCQ on Catalyst and Catalysis
MCQ on ZeolitesSurface Chemistry MCQ with Answers
Environmental Chemistry MCQ Questions and AnswersBasic Chemistry MCQ
States of matter MCQAnalytical Chemistry MCQ with Answers
Multiple Choice Questions On Ionic EquilibriumMCQ on Structure Of Atom For NEET
Multiple Choice Questions on Periodic TableMultiple Choice Questions on chemical reactions and equations
MCQs On Metallurgy Class 12MCQs on the first law of thermodynamics
Thermodynamics MCQ Questions and AnswersSome basic concepts of chemistry MCQ
Chemistry in everyday life MCQMCQs on polymers for NEET
MCQ on aldehyde ketones and carboxylic acidsAlcohol Phenol and Ethers MCQ
MCQs on Haloalkanes & HalorenesCo-ordination compound mcqs
MCQs on d and f block elementMCQs on p-block elements
MCQs on general principal & processes of isolation of elementsChemical kinetics MCQ

How to Utilize these NEET PYQ

Preparing for the NEET exam is essential for obtaining good results, and knowing how to approach this preparation with time and dedication is key. To achieve the learning necessary for success, maintaining continuous progress is crucial. In this article, we provide the best guidelines and study methods to help you pass your NEET exams successfully. Don’t miss out on these valuable tips!

  • Make Good Planning: Organization and planning are two key elements when preparing for an exam like NEET. From the beginning of the Class 11 and class 12th year, carry out adequate planning of the different subjects. Good organization will help you avoid the typical stress of not having enough time to study the entire syllabus, ensuring you don’t feel stressed about arriving at the exam with the lesson half learned. This approach increases your chances of passing the test satisfactorily. Using resources like the NEET PYQ PDF can help in making your planning more effective. Reviewing NEET PYQs provides a clear picture of what to expect in the actual exam. The NEET PYQ paper and the NEET PYQ biology chapter wise resources are especially useful for targeting specific topics and understanding the structure of the exam.
  • Study in a Suitable Place: Selecting an appropriate study place is crucial to getting the most out of your work. Choose an environment with a suitable temperature, avoiding high heat, as it can make you drowsy. Ensure the space is away from noise to maximize your concentration. Additionally, try changing study locations throughout the week to wake up your brain and keep it active. This practice can also improve your motivation and involvement in the study.
  • Avoid Distractions: When studying, remove all elements that may distract you or negatively affect your concentration. One of the biggest distractions for students today is mobile phones. Keep these devices away from the study table, stored in your backpack, and on silent mode. Just having your smartphone in sight can decrease your ability to concentrate and increase the likelihood of frequent use. You can Utilize our NEET PYQ question papers and study materials to maintain focus and provide structured practice sessions.
  • Take Breaks: Taking breaks between study sessions is essential to clear your mind, consolidate knowledge, and improve productivity. For every hour of study, invest 10 minutes in rest. Use this time to leave the study area, eat a snack, and talk with classmates. After finishing your study session, practice a little sport to stimulate your brain, reduce anxiety, and feel refreshed after a hard day of work.
  • Take Mock Exams and Practice NEET PYQs: Self-assessment is one of the best methods for preparing for an NEET exam. This technique helps establish and consolidate knowledge, identify areas needing more study, and build confidence for exam day. Think about the types of questions that could appear on the exam, repeat exercises from throughout the course, and review completed activities. For instance, practicing NEET PYQ questions can help you target this specific topic, enhancing your understanding and performance.
  • Sleep and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: The hours spent sleeping and the diet maintained also influence exam preparation. Ensure you establish adequate sleep hours, especially the night before the exam and study days, aiming for 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Your performance largely depends on your rest. Additionally, maintain a good diet to provide enough energy for studying. Include carbohydrates and nuts in your meals.
  • Review the Studied Syllabus: Reviewing studied content ensures it is perfectly understood and stored in your memory. Without review, important information may be forgotten. Therefore, it’s vital to regularly review studied topics to maintain long-term knowledge.

These tips on how to prepare for an exam are designed to help you succeed. If you know other techniques that have been helpful, leave them in the comments—we look forward to reading your suggestions. If you would like to use Flup for your academy or training center to aid in the academic development of your students, do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to serving you.

Frequently Asked Questions on NEET PYQs

Q1. Which site is the best for NCERT NEET PYQ with Solutions?
Top subject experts created the NEET PYQ with Solutions at ybstudy. It provides solutions in class-wise, subject-wise, chapter-wise and exercise-wise formats for easy accessibility. Further, students can also view the NEET PYQ with Solutions online or download them for offline viewing, thus making these NEET PYQ the best among the rest.

Q2. What is meant by NEET PYQ Solutions?
NEET PYQ Solutions are online resources or reference materials that provide the students with answers to all the previous year questions asked in the NEET Exam. This resource comes in handy to students when solving MCQ in the absence of a tutor and also during their revisions. The NEET PYQ of ybstudy is one of the best for students to kickstart their NEET exam preparations.

Q3. Does ybstudy have NCERT PYQ Solutions?
Yes, ybstudy has NCERT PYQ Solutions of all subjects for students of all classes. our subject matter experts have curated the NEET PYQ with solutions according to the last CBSE syllabus and guidelines. Further, the solutions are written in simple language and step-wise manner for ease of understanding.

Q4. How to download NCERT Solutions for all Subjects of Classes 1 to 12?
Visit and go to NEET, or go to the link, select the class/subject that you want to view/download the PYQ solutions.

Q5. Why should we download ybstudy NEET PYQs?
we provides the most accurate answers for the PYQ questions present in the NCERT Books from Classes 11 and 12. These PYQ solutions can be viewed online. For ease of learning, the solutions have also been provided in PDF format, so that the students can download them for free and refer to the ybstudy NEET PYQ solutions offline as well.

Q6. Why are NEET PYQ with Solutions the best resources for the NEET exam?
It is a widely known fact that NEET PYQ are the best for NEET exam preparation. But then again, simply byhearting the PYQs a few weeks before the exams is not going to help the students, giving them ample time to practice more questions from other reference books. Once done with studying and practising with the PYQs to get an idea of the question paper pattern.

Q7. Does website provide free NEET Biology PYQ Solutions?
Yes, website provides free NEET Biology PYQ Solutions for all the questions asked in NEET Exam. These NEET Biology PYQ Solutions can be downloaded in PDF format for free as well to help the students refer to the offline mode.

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