MCQ on UV Radiation

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UV Radiation MCQ with Answers Pdf

  • Ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the eye electromagnetic radiation, which is in the spectrum between visible and x-ray (invisible) radiation.
  • Its main source on Earth is the sun, in the rays of which there are three types of ultraviolet: UVC, UVB, and UVA.
  • The natural and main source of ultraviolet radiation on Earth is the Sun. In fact, it is from this radiation that we are saved by sunscreens.
  • At the same time, far ultraviolet is completely absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, and UV -A just reaches the surface, causing a pleasant tan.
  • The benefits of Ultraviolet Rays of ultraviolet light have strong biological activity. They can even change the chemical structure of tissues and cells.
  • Under the control of ultraviolet radiation, vitamin D is produced in our body, oxidation processes become more frequent, and tissues begin to absorb oxygen more actively and release decay products.
  • UV radiation can accelerate the aging process (or photoaging) of the skin, as well as lead to visual impairment.
  • UV radiation can lead to cancer of the eyelid and dangerous changes in the cornea, as well as cause cataracts.

MCQ on UV Radiation:

1. UV radiation can be produced by______________?

A. Heating the filament

B. Electron excitation in the gas

C. Ionization of atoms

D. All the above

Answer: B


2. The most harmful of ultraviolet radiation is________

A. UV-C,

B. UV-B,

C. UV-A,

D. All the above.

Answer: A


3. Which of the following represents ultraviolet light of wavelengths that are potentially injurious (1 Å = 10-10m)

A. 2000 to 3200Å

B. 3200 to 4000 Å

C. 4000 to 4600Å

D. 4600 to 5200 Å

Answer: A


4. The colour of fluorescent penetrant under the presence of a UV light is_________

A. Yellow-green

B. Red

C. Blue

D. Green

Answer: A


5. Excessive sun exposure can roughen the skin and even cause skin cancer because sunlight contains________

A. ultraviolet

B. infrared

C. Ultrasound

D. Infrasound

Answer: A


6. Magnetic particles with fluorescent coating are seen under which light?

A. White light

B. Infrared light

C. Blacklight

D. Ultraviolet light

Answer: D


7. which one of the following can be erased using UV light?


B. prom


D. none of the above

Answer: A


8. Ultra violet radiations of the Sun do not reach the earth because the earth’s atmosphere is surrounded by_________

A. Carbon dioxide

B. Ammonia

C. Chlorine

D. Ozone

Answer: D


9. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight causes a reaction that produces__________

A. Fluoride


C. SO2

D. Ozone

Answer: D


10. Direct UV rays are capable of causing__________

A. fertilization

B. sunburn

C. anemia

D. hepatitis

Answer: B


11. In summer, among the cosmetics sold on the market, there is a kind of “sunscreen”, which is very popular with beauty-loving ladies. Its special effect is shown in_______

A. Block UV rays

B. block infrared rays

C. block sunlight

D. All of the above are correct

Answer: A


12. In manage, the wavelength of ultraviolet light is___________

A. 2500 to 3000a°

B. 3500 to 4000a°

C. 4500 to 5000a°

D. none of the above

Answer: B


13. Most of the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are absorbed by which of the following substances? 

A. atmosphere

B. ground

C. Earth’s surface and flora and fauna

D. ozone layer

Answer: D


14. Which of the following statements is true about ultraviolet light_________

A. Ultraviolet rays are visible light

C. Ultraviolet rays do not have light energy

C. The human body cannot be exposed to ultraviolet light

D. Hospitals commonly use ultraviolet irradiation for sterilization and disinfection

Answer  D


15. The purpose of welding workers wearing protective goggles is______

A. UV protection can cause damage to human eyes and facial skin

B. Prevents burns from sparks from welding

C. Prevent the gas emitted during welding from causing harm to the human body

D. Prevent eye irritation from gas emitted during welding

Answer: A


16. Which of the following statements does not belong to the UV function is_______

A. Helps in the synthesis of vitamin D in the body

B. kill microorganisms

C. Diagnose the disease

D. make fluorescent substances glow

Answer: C


17. Which of the following statements is correct about the use of UV rays? 

A. TV remote control

B. Proper UV exposure helps the body synthesize vitamin D

C. Anti-counterfeiting measures on banknotes

D. Night vision goggles on military installations

Answer: B


18. Which of the following statements is incorrect_______

A. UV rays are light blue

B. Ultraviolet rays irradiate the human body too much, which is harmful to the human body

C. Sunlight is an important source of ultraviolet rays

D. UV light can be used to sterilize

Answer: A

Hope you liked this MCQ on UV Radiation.

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