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Electromagnetic Induction NEET MCQs

Electromagnetic Induction MCQs for NEET

There is only a short time left for the exam. In such a situation, it is important that you revise the important topic Class 12 Physics Chapter 6 Electromagnetic Induction NEET Questions. Here our Experts is telling Electromagnetic Induction NEET MCQs are most important in NEET. Which ones you should take a look and start your Electromagnetic Induction MCQ Pdf Preparation.

Note : Students should keep studying the important topics continuously. For this the help of shorts notes should also be taken. With this, students can remain calm and stable even during the examination.

Electromagnetic Induction MCQs for NEET

Class 12 Physics Chapter 6 Electromagnetic Induction MCQs pdf

 1.According to Faradays Laws of electro magnetic induction___________

(a) The direction of the induced current is such that it opposes it self

(b) The induced emf in the coil is proportional to then rate of change of magnetic flux associated with it

(c) The direction of induced emf is such that it opposes it self

(d) None of the above

Answer: B

2. A coil having an area of 2 m2 is placed in a magnetic field which changes from 1 Weber/m2 to 4 Weber/m2 in 2 seconds. The e.m.f. induced in the coil will be___________

(a) 4 volt 

(b) 3 volt 

(c) 2 volt 

(d) 1 volt

Answer: B

3. Magnetic field through a coil is changed with respect to time then emf induced in it then select the incorrect regarding induced emf in coil____________

(a) Coil may be made up with wood

(b) Coil may be connected with an open circuit

(c) Coil must be of conducting nature

(d) Induced emf does not depends upon resistance

of the coil

Answer: C

4. Faraday law represents ________

(a) relation between I and B

(b) relation between magnetic force and magnetic field

(c) relation between e.m.f and rate of change of


(d) none of these

Answer: C

5. A coil of resistance 10W and 1000 turns have the magnetic flux line of 5.5 ´ 10–4 Wb. If the magnetic flux changed to 5 ´ 10–4 Wb. in 0.1 sec, then the induced charge in coil is__________

(a) 50 mC 

(b) 5 mC 

(c) 2 mC 

(d) 20 mC

Answer: B

6. One coil of resistance 40W is connected to a galvanometer of 160W resistance. The coil has radius 6mm and turns 100. This coil is placed between the poles of a magnet such that magnetic field is perpendicular to coil. If coil is dragged out then the charge through the galvanometer is 32mC.The magnetic field is____________

(a) 6.55 T 

(b) 5.66 T

(c) 0.655 T 

(d) 0.566 T

Answer: D

7. When the current through a solenoid increases at a constant rate, the induced current.

(a) is a constant and is in the direction of the inducing current

(b) is a constant and is opposite to the direction of the inducing current

(c) increase with time and is in the direction of the inducing current

(d) increase with time and opposite to the direction of the inducing current

Answer: A

8. A solenoid of 10 henry inductance and 2 ohm resistance, is connected to a 10 volt battery. In how much time the magnetic energy will be reaches to ¼ th of the maximum value?

(a) 3.5 sec 

(b) 2.5 sec

(c) 5.5 sec

(d) 7.5 sec

Answer: D

9. Which statement is correct from following –

(a) Inductor store energy in the form of magnetic field

(b) Capacitor store energy in the form of electric field

(c) Inductor store energy in the form of electric and magnetic field both

(d) Capacitor store energy in the form of electric and magnetic field both

(1) a, b 

(2) a, c

(3) b, d

(4) b, c

Answer: A

10. If a current of 2A give rise a magnetic flux of 5 × 10–⁵ weber/turn through a coil having 100 turns, then the magnetic energy stored in the medium surrounding by the coil is___________

(a) 5 joule 

(b) 5 × 10–⁷ joule

(c) 5 × 10–³ joule 

(d) 0.5 joule

Answer: A

11. For a solenoid keeping the turn density constant its lenght makes halved and its cross section radius is doubled then the inductance of the solenoid increased by_________

(a) 200% 

(b) 100% 

(c) 800% 

(d) 700%

Answer: C

12. A constant current i maintained in a solenoid.Which of the following quantities will increase if an iron rod is inserted in the solenoid along its axis___________

(a) Magnetic field at the centre

(b) Magnetic flux linked with the solenoid

(c) Self inductance of the solenoid

(d) Rate of Joule heating

(a) a, b, c 

(b) c, d 

(c) a, b 

(d) Only b

Answer: B

13. The inductance of a solenoid is 5 henery and its resistance is 5W. If it is connected to a 10 volt battery then time taken by the current to reach 9/10th of its maximum will be ___________

(a) 4.0 s 

(b) 2.3 s 

(c) 1.4 s 

(d) 1.2 s

Answer: A

14. An LR circuit with a battery is connected at t = 0. Which of the following quantities is not zero just after the connection____________

(a) Current in circuit

(b) Magnetic potential energy in the inductor

(c) Power delivered by the battery

(d) Emf induced in the inductor

(a) a, b 

(b) a, c 

(c) c, d 

(d) On

Answer: D

15. A body enters in MRI machine in 10 sec. If the magnetic field is 1.5 T and circumference of MRI machine is 0.9 m then find out emf induced in the body.

(a) 0.96 V 

(b) 9.6 V 

(c) 9.6 mV 

(d) 96 mV

Answer: C

16. A rod of length 50 cm moves with a speed of 10 cm/s, in a uniform magnetic field of strength 10 G at an angle of 30° with the field. The emf induced accross the ends of the rod is________________

(a) 5000 CGS unit 

(b) 2500 CGS unit

(c) 7500 CGS unit 

(d) 1000 CGS unit

Answer: B

17. If a bar magnet is dropped vertically into a, long copper tube then its final acceleration will be_________

(a) a = g 

(b) a > g

(c) a < g 

(d) a = 0

Answer: D

18. A coil of copper wire is connected in series with a bulb, a battery and a switch. When the circuit is completed the bulb lights up immediately. The circuit is switched off and a rod of soft iron is placed inside the coil. On completing the circuit again. It is observed that__________

(a) Bulb is not so bright

(b) There is a slight delay before bulb lights to its normal brightness

(c) The bulb is initially bright but gradually becomes dim

(d) The bulb is brighter than before

Answer: B

19. The equivalent inductance of two inductances is 2.4 henry when connected in parallel and 10 henry when connected in series. The difference between the two inductances is_________

(a) 2 henry 

(b) 3 henry

(c) 4 henry 

(d) 5 henry

Answer: A

20. When two co-axial coils having same current in same direction are brought close to each other then the value of current in both coils______________

(a) increase

(b) decrease

(c) first increases and then decrease

(d) remain same

Answer: B

21. A magnet is dropped down an infinitely long vertical copper tube. Then____________

(a) The magnet moves with continuously decreasing

velocity and ultimately comes to rest

(b) The magnet moves with continuosly increasing velocity and ultimately acquires a constant terminal velocity

(c) The magnet moves with continuously increasing velocity and acceleration.

(d) The magnet moves with continuously increasing velocity but constant acceleration

Answer: B

22. If a copper ring is moved quickly towards south pole of a powerful stationary bar magnet, then_____________

(a) Current flows through the copper ring

(b) Voltage in the magnet increases

(c) Current flows in the magnet

(d) Copper ring will get magnetised

Answer: A

23. If 2.2 kW power transmitts 22000 volts in a line of 10W resistance, the value of power loss will be__________

(a) 0.1 watt 

(b) 14 watts

(c) 100 watts 

(d) 1000 watts

Answer: A

24. The bob of a simple pendulum is replaced by a magnet. The oscillation are set along the length of the magnet. A copper coil is added so that one pole of the magnet passes in and out of the coil. The coil is short circuited. Then which of the following happens ?

(a) period does not change

(b) oscillations are damped

(c) amplitude increases

(d) period decreases

Answer: B

25. Which of the following is correct for periodic electromagnetic induction_________

(a) maximum flux, zero emf

(b) zero flux, maximum emf

(c) zero flux, zero emf

(d) (1) & (2) both

Answer: D

26. Dynamo is based on the principle of________

(a) electro magnetic induction

(b) induced current

(c) induced magnetism

(d) Faraday effect

Answer: A

27. Phase difference between induced emf and flux for a coil rotating in magnetic field_______

(a) 0 

(b) p/2 

(c) p 

(d) 2p

Answer: B

28. In an AC generator, a coil with N turns, all of the same area A and total resistance R, rotates with frequency w in a magnetic field B. The maximum value of emf generated in the coil is__________

(a) NABw 

(b) NABRw 

(c) NAB 

(d) NABR

Answer: B

29. The efficiency of a transformer is maximum,because__________

(a) No part of the transformer is in motion

(b) It creates maximum voltage

(c) It creates minimum voltage

(d) None of the above.

Answer: A

30. In order to avoid eddy currents in the core of a transformer_________

(a) The number of turns in the secondary coil is made considerably large

(b) A laminated core is used

(c) A step down transformer is used

(d) A high voltage alternating weak current is used

Answer: B

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