Chemical coordination and integration mcq for neet pdf

Chemical coordination and integration mcq for neet pdf

Hello Students, how are you all hope you all will be good, in this Page we have shared with you more than 20 Important MCQ on chemical coordination and Integration with answers which is helpful for verious entrance exams preparation. This chemical coordination and Integration Mcq pdf will help you enhance your performance in entrance exams like NEET and KVPY. Chemical coordination and Integration mcq is important chapter for Class 11 and class 12 Students.

Chemical coordination and integration mcq for neet pdf

Chemical coordination and integration mcq for neet pdf

1) Hormones are produced by ______

(a) Exocrine glands

b) Endocrine glands

(c) Holocrine glands 

(d) Apocrine glands

Answer: B

2) Hormone that promotes cell division, protein synthesis and bone growth is _________

(a) ADH

(b) PTH

(c) ACTH

(d) GH 

Answer: d

3. Hormone is a/an ________

(a) Enzyme

(b) Excretory product 

(c) chemical Messenger 

(d) Glandular secretion

Answer: C

4) Hormone produced in allergic reactions is _________

(a) Glucocorticoid

(b) Norepinephrine

(c) Mineralocorticoid

(d) Epinephrine

Answer: a

5) Hormone connected with increased

rate of glycogenesis, blood pressure and heart beat is ___________

(a) Insulin

(b) Adrenaline

(c) Glucagon

(d) FSH

Answer: b

6) Thyroid deficiency in infant leads to ___________

(a) Hypothyroidism 

(b) Myxoedemani

(c) Cretinism

(d) Thyrotoxicosis

Answer: C

7) Oxytocin controls ____________

(a) growth 

(b) Lactation

c) Child birth

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Answer: d

8) Thyroid is _____________

(a) A bone in thorax

(b) A waste material produced in the intestine

(c) An endocrine gland located at the base of the neck

(d) An endocrine gland located near the kidneys

Answer: A

9) Anti-ageing hormone is __________

(a) Thyroxine

(b) Estrogen

(c) Melatonin

(d) Testosterone

Answer: d

10) What will happen if the thyroid is removed from a tadpole?

(a) The tadpole will grow into a dwarf frog

(6) The larva will produce a giant frog

(C) lt will continue indefinitely in larval stage

(d) The larva will die

Answer: C

11) The male sex hormone is called ___________

(a) Gonadotropic hormone

(b) Vasopressin

(c) FSH

(d) Testosterone 

Answer: d

12) Failure of release of ADH causes __________

(a) Diabetes insipidus

(b) Diabetes mellitus

(c) Hepatitis

(d) coronary thrombosis 

Answer: c

13) Which hormone is mainly secreted by corpus luteum ?

(a) Thyroxine

(b) Coronary thrombosis

(c) Progesterone

(d) Estrogen

Answer: C

14) Islets of Langerhans are present in ________

(a) Stomach

(b) Brain

(c) Ovary

(d) Pancreas

Answer: d

15) The part of melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) is secreted by which part of pituitary?

(a) Anterior lobe

(b) Median lobe

(C) Posterior lobe 

(d) Not any particular lobe

Answer: B

16)  Testosterone is secreted by ______

(a) Leydig cell

(b) sertoli cell 

C)Spermatogenic cell

 (d) All of these

Answer: A

17) Hypothalamus is _________

(a) Helpful in sleep

(b) Has centres for thirst and hunger

(c) Controls body temperature

(d) All of the above

Answer: d

18) Which one is not secreted by the pituitary?

(a) Thyroxine

(b) FSH

(c) ACTH

(D) GH

Answer: A

19) Relaxin is secreted by ______

(a) pineal 

(b) Ovary 

(C) corpus luteum 

(d) pituitary 

Answer: c

20) Integration systems in the body is _________

(a) nervous system 

(b) Endocrine system 

(C) circulatory system 

(d) nervous and Endocrine system 

Answer: d

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