MCQs on polymers for class 12 NEET

MCQs on polymers for NEET 

If you are looking for Multiple Choice Questions on polymers mcqs pdf for NEET Here we collected some important polymers mcqs pdf for class 12th. The  mcq pdf for class 12th included in this page have been selected based on the popular questions asked in various competitive exams over the years.

Mcqs on polymers

1) Which of the following is a naturally occurning polymer? 

a) Nylon

b) Starch


d) Neoprene

Answer -: b

2) Which of the following is an example of addition polymer?

a) Teflon

b) Nylon-6

c) Bakelite

d) Nylon-66

Answer -: a

3) Which of the following has amide linkage?

a) Nylon-66

b) Bakelite

c) Teflon

d) Terylene

Answer -: a

4) The monomer units in Buna S are butadiene and______

a) vinyl chloride

b) adipic acid

c) Styrene

d) none of these

Answer -: c

5) Which of the following is thermoplastic ?

a) terylene

b) nylon

c) polyethylene

d) all

Answer -: c

6) Which of the following is a polyamide?

a) nylon

b) terelene

c)  PVC

d) all

Answer -: a

7) Which of the following has an ester linkage?

a) nylon

b) PVC

c) terelyne

d) bakelite

Answer -: c

8) The process of vuleanisation is at ion of rubber makes it________

a) souble in water 

b) hard

c) soft

d) less elastic

Answer -: b

9) The monomer of polyacrylonitrile is____

a) vinyl chloride

b) vinyl alcohol

c) vinyl cyanide

d) adipic acid

Answer -: c

10) Isoprene polymerises to______

a) starch

b synthetuc rubber 

c) natural nubber

d) PVC

Answer -: c

11) Which of the following is not an example of addition polymer.

a) Polystyrene

b) Polyethylene

c) polypropylene

d) Terylene

Answer -: d

12) Glyptal is a polymer of______

a) Ethylene glycol and phthalic acid

b) Ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid

c) Ethylene glycol and adipic acid.

d) Caprolactum and formaldehyde

Answer -: a

13) The S in Buna-S refers to______

a) sulphur

b) sodium

c) styrene

d) strain

Answer -: c

14) Which of the following is not a condensation polymer?

a) Glyptal

b) Terelene

c) polystyrene

d) Nylon 66

Answer -: c

15) Bakelite is a_______

a) Formaldehyde resin

b) Phenol formaldehyde resin

c) Artiicial rubber

d) None of these

Answer -: b

16) The constituents of Nylon-66 are____

a) Benzoic acid and ethylamine

b) Phthalic acid and hexamethylene diamine

c) Phenol and adipic acid

d) Adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine

Answer -: d

17) Which of the following is a polymer containing nitrogen?

a) Terylene

b) Teflon

c) PVC

d) Nylon

Answer -: d

18) Terylene has the monomer units ethylene glycol and____

a) adipic ‘acid

b) formaldehyde

c) phthalic acid

d) dimethyl terephthalate

Answer -: d

19) Teflon s a polymer of______

a) F2C=Cf2



d) Cf2- CF3

Answer -: a

20) Polyacryiates contan the linkages of_______

a) amides

b) esters

c) alcohols

d) nitriles

Answer -: d

21) For the formation of fibre,

a) monomers must contain tetrahedral geometry

b) monomers have high tensile strength

C) monomers must have complex structure

d) monomers must contain linear geometry

Answer -: d

22) Which of the following is not a polymer?

a) cellulose

b) rubber

c) protein

d) fructose 

Answer -: d

23) Which of the following is commonly called synthetic cellulose?

a) dacron

b) terylene

c) rayon

d) nylon

Answer -: c

24) In which of the following polymerization new bonds are formed by the elimination of small molecules?

a) s imple

b) condensation

c) coordination

d) addition

Answer -: b

25) Which of the following is not a plant fibre?

a) jute

b) cotton

c) linen

d) silk

Answer -: d

26) The number of repeating units in a polymer is_______,

a) about 5 to 6

b) small

c) about 20 to 30

d) relatively large

Answer -: d

27) Chemically, pure cotton is named as,_______

a) viscous rayon

b) cellulose

c) protein

d) acetate rayon

Answer -: b

28) Ethylene glycol contains how many secondary alcoholic

a) 1

b) 0

c) 2

d) 3

Answer -: b

29) The main constituent of most natural plant fibres is_______

a) glycogen


c) cellulose

d) ghucose

Answer -: c

30) The compound used in the manulacture of terylene is _____

a) ethylene glycol

b) ethylene

c) adipic acid

d) vinyl chloride

Answer -: a

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