MCQ on Polysiphonia with Answers

Polysiphonia MCQ with Answers  : 

This article leads you to Top 5 solved MCQ on Polysiphonia which is important topics important from NEET standpoint and Other Entrance Exams. The MCQ below lists different topics with corresponding Polysiphonia MCQ, facilitating smooth learning and search experience.

MCQ Questions on Polysiphonia with Answers Pdf

1. Polysiphonia is an example of_________

A. Brown Algae

B. Green Algae

C. Red Algae

D. Diatoms

Answer: C

2. Which among the following life cycle is exhibited by Polysiphonia?

A. Diplontic

B. Haplontic

C. Triplolntic

D. Haplo-diplomatic

Answer: B

3. Examples of Rhodophytes are___________?

A. Chondrus

B. Polysiphonia

C. Both of these

D. None of the above

Answer: C

4. Which one of the following algae is a source of iodine?

A. Polysiphonia

B. Laminaria

C. Nostoc

D. Diatoms

Answer: B

5. The red alga devoid of red pigment is___________

A. Gracilaria

B. Batrachospermum

C. Polysiphonia

D. Laminaria

Answer: B

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