Solid State MCQ For NEET | Pdf

Solid State MCQ For NEET |Pdf 

Solid state is a very important chapter for NEET Aspirants. NEET exam is important in your life, because your future career depends upon your score in NEET exam solid state MCQ for NEET test your knowledge, intelligence, memory and quick response. Your speed and accuracy is the essence of this NEET MCQ. For this you have to cultivate a different frame of mind. For this first solve the different solid state MCQ for NEET  given in this page and then try to complete each Chapter of chemistry NEET MCQs given on
With Our solid state MCQ for NEET Find out where you stand, your strong points and weak points and try to take corrective steps immediately. In this process your subconscious mind will be thinking about the correct answers of solid state mcq for those questions and in the second round, you will be getting most of the answers. Remember before starting to solve solid state NEET MCQs online test all the important notes and the meaning of all definitions should be understood.
Solid State MCQ For NEET 
1. Solids are characterised by their properties……
a) incompressibility
b) crystalline nature
c) mechanical strength
d) all of the above
Answer : d) all of the above

2. Which of the following solids is soft
a) Fe
b) diamond
c) Na
d) SiO,
Answer : c) Na

3. Intermolecular distance in liquid is
a) more then solids
b) more than gases
c) less than solids
d) equal to gases
Answer : a) more then solids

4. Which among the following solids is not soft ?
a) sodium
b) potassium
c) copper
d) phosphorus
Answer :c) copper

5. Which one of the following is a molecular crystal?
a) Quartz
b) Rock salt
c) Dry ice
d) Diamond
Answer :c) Dry ice

6. Which of the following as an amorphous solid?
a) CaF
b) NaCI
c) CsCl
d) glass
Answer : d) glass

7.Graphite is not…..
a) sp hybridised
b) a good conductor
c) an amorphous solid
d) a covalent crystal
Answer :c) an amorphous solid

8.Diamond is…..
a) a conductor
b) a an ionic solid
c) sp3 hybridized
d) a lubricant
Answer :c) sp3 hybridized

9. Which of the following is /are covalent solids?
a) He
b) Fe
c) NaCl
d) graphite
Answer : d) graphite

10. Which is/are not amorphous solid(s)
a) graphite
b) plastics
c) rubber
d) glass
Answer :a) graphite

11. lonic solids are characterised by…..
a) good conductivity in solid state
b) high vapour pressure
c) low melting point
d) solubility in polar solvents
Answer : d) solubility in polar solvents

12 Crystals which are good conductor of electricity as are known as
a) ionic crystal
b) covalent crystals
c) molecular crystal
d) metallic Crystal
Answer : d) metallic Crystal

13. Which pairs shows isomorphism
a) KNO3 , NaNO3,
b) Cr2O3, fe2O3
c) both a and ‘b
d) none of these
Answer : c) both a and ‘b

14.Which of the following are not isomorphous?
a) NaNO, and CaCo
b)H2SO4 and Na2SO4
c) KSO, and K,SeO,
d) Cr2O3, and Fe2O3
Answer :b)H2 SO4 and Na2 SO4

15. Isomorphs have……
a) same atomic ratio
b) similar molecular formulae
c)similar chemical properties
d) all (a), (b) and (c)
Answer :d) all (a), (b) and (c)

16.Different crystalline forms of same substance are called…
a) isomorphs
b) isotopes
c) polymorphs
d) isobars
Answer :c) polymorphs

17. Which of the following exhibit anisotrap…..
a) NaCl
b) glass
c) rubber
Answer : a) NaCl

18. Glass…..
a) have sharp melting point
b) is anisotropic
c) behave like fluid
d) is true solid
Answer :c) behave like fluid

19. Which of the following is mismatched?
a) Quartz glass —>100% silica
b) Pyrex glass—-> 60-80% silica, 10 to 25% B2O and Al2O3,
c) Soda lime glass 80% silica, 20% CaO
d) Soda lime glass—–> 75 silica, 15% Na2,O, 10% CaO
Answer : c) Soda lime glass —> 80% silica, 20% CaO

20. To impart red colour to glass … used.
a) Fe2O3,
b) VO2,
c) CoO
d) cu
Answer : d) cu

21. Intermolecular force of attraction present in polar molar molecular solids is……
a) dipole dipole interaction
b) dispersion force
c)hydrogen bonding
d)polar Covalent bond
Answer : a) dipole dipole interaction

22. Actual arrangement of ions depends upon all….
a) sizes of cation and anion
b) the charges of ion
c) the ease with which anion Can De polarise
d) weight of iron
Answer : d) weight of iron

23. Ionic solids are………
a) good conductor of electricity
b) hard and brittle
c)malleable and ductile
d) solids with low m.p.
Answer :b) hard and brittle

24. The force of attraction between positive charged and negatively charged delocalized electrons is called……..
a) dipole- dipole interaction
b) ionic bond
c) covalent bond
d) metallic bond
Answer : d) metallic bond

1) can be alloyed
2) bad conductor of
3) have luster
4)are hard but
a) I and 2
b) 2 and 3
c) 2 and 4
d) I and 4
Answer :c) 2 and 4

26. Which of the follow is not covalent solid…
a) Diamond
b) Silicon carbide
c) Zinc sulphide
d) Fullerene
Answer : c) Zinc sulphide

27. Diamond is not…..
a) allotropic form of carbon
b) good conductor of electricity
c) gaint solid
d) all of the above
Answer : b) good conductor of electricity

28. Which of the following is wrong also graphite?
a) all carbon atoms are sp hybridised
b) good conductor of electricity
c) it is used lubricant
d) C-C bond length is 154 p.m.
Answer :d) C-C bond length is 154 p.m

29. Which of the following is not use as fullerene ?
a) It is used in super conductor
b) It is used in nono tubes
c) It is used in jewellery
d) It is used in catalyst
Answer :c) It is used in jewellery

30. Red glass contains trace amount of….
a) AlO, and Fe,O,
b) zinc and aluminum
c) boron oxide
d) gold and copper
Answer : d) gold and copper
31. Yellow glass contains…..
a) CuO
b) UO2
c) CoO
d) Fe2O3
Answer : b) UO2

32. The inter particle forces in solid hydrogen are…
a) hydrogen bonds
b) covalent bonds
c) coordinate bonds
d) van der waals forces
Answer : d) van der waals forces

33. In which of the following substances, the carbon atom is arranged in a regular tetrahedral structure?
a) benzene
b) diamond
c) graphite
d) carbon black
Answer : b) diamond

34. K35, C60 is a compound of potassium and fullerene. It is….. 
at 18 K.
a) a super conductor of electricity
b) a conductor of electricity
c) a semi-conductor
d) an insulator
Answer : a) a super conductor of electricity

35. The existence of a substance in more than one solid modifications is known as…
a) polymorphism
b) an anisotropy
c) isomorphism
d) enantiomorphism
Answer : a) polymorphism

36. Which of the following is true for diamond?
a) diamond is a good conductor of electricity
b) diamond is soft
c) diamond is a bad conductor of heat
d) diamond is made up of C, H and O
Answer :c) diamond is a bad conductor of heat

37. In graphite, carbon atoms are joined together due to……
a) ionic bonding
b) metallic bonding
c) van Dar Waal’s forces
d) covalent bonding
Answer : d) covalent bonding

38. The number of carbon atoms per unit cell of diamond unit cell is……
a) 8
b) 4
c) 1
d) 6
Answer :a) 8

39.A molecule contains atoms x and y so that x occurs at the corners of the cube while y at the face centre. the formula of the molecule can be…..
a) xy3
b) X1y
c) X2y
d) Xy2
Answer : a) xy3

40. percentage of free space in body centred cubic unit cell…
a) 34%
b) 28%
c) 30%
d) 32%
Answer : d) 32%

41.The packing efficiency of the two dimensional square unit cell as shown is…..

a) 68.02%
b) 78.54%
c) 39.279%
d) 74.05
Answer : b) 78.54%

42.The number of atoms in a body centred cubic unit cell of a monatomic elementary substance is equal to……
a) three
b) two
c) one
d) four
Answer : b) two

43. An atom at the edge centre of a unit cell makes… contribution to a particular unit cell
a)1 /4
b) 1/2
c) 1/8
d) 1
Answer : a)1 /4

44. The percentage of the available space occupied in a hexagonal close packing of spheres in three dimensions is…
a) 26%
b) 76%
c) 52%
Answer : d)74%

45. How many kinds of space lattices are possible in a crystal?
a) 23
b) 7
c) 230
d) 14
Answer : d) 14

46. The crystal system of a compound with unit cell dimensions a=0.387, b=0.387, and c=0.504 nm and a=B-90″ and y =l120″ is…….
a) Cubic
b) Hexagonal
c) Rhombohedral
d) Orthorhombic
Answer : b) Hexagonal

47. In a face centred cubic lattice, a unit cell is shared equally by how many unit cell?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 8
d) 6
Answer : d) 6

48. The number of atoms present in FCC unit cell is……..
a) 1
b) 2
C) 3
d) 4
Answer : d) 4

49. Na and Mg crystallize in bcc and fcc-type crystals ratio of number of atoms present in the unit cell of respective crystal is……..
a) 1
b) 3
c) 0.5
d) 4
Answer : c) 0.5

50. TiO2, is well known example of…..
a) triclinic system
b) tetragonal system
c) none of these
d) monoclinic system
Answer : b) tetragonal system

51.The unit cell with the structure below refers to crystal system…

a) cubic
b) orthorhombic
c) tetragonal
d) trigonal
Answer :b) orthorhombic

52. A metal of density 7.5 x 103 kg m has an fcc crystal structure with lattice parameter a=400 pm. Calculate the number of unit cells present in 0.0015 kg of the metal
a) 3.125 x 1023
b)1.563 x 1022
c) 6.250 x 1023
d) 3.125 x 1022
Answer : d) 3.125 x 1022
53. How many octahedral and tetrahedral holes are per unit cell in a face centred cubic arrangement atoms..
a) 1,2
b)  2,1
c) 8,4
d) 4,8
Answer : d) 4,8

54. A compound alloy of gold and Cu crystallises in a cubic lattice in which the gold atoms occupy the lattice points at the corners of a cube and the copper atoms occupy the centres of each of the cube faces. What is the empirical formula of this compound….
a) AuCu3
b) Au3Cu,
c) Au2Cu3
d) AuCu
Answer : a) AuCu3

55. Which of the following type of cubic lattice has maximum number of atoms per unit cell…..
a) body centred cubic
b) simple cubic
c) face centred cubic
d) all of the above
Answer : c) face centred cubic

56. A metal crystallises in bcc lattice with the cell edge a-42.29 A”. What is the radius of metal atom ?
a) 1.86 Angstroms
b) 1.90 Angstroms
c) 18.3 Angstroms
d) 1.12 Angstroms
Answer : c) 18.3 Angstroms

57. In the closest packing of atoms…
a) The size of TV is greater than that of OV
b) The size of TV is smaller than that of OV
c) The size of TV is equal to that of OV
d) The size of TV may be greater or smaller or equal to that of OV depending upon the size of atoms
Answer : b) The size of TV is smaller than that of OV

58. The number of atoms in 100 g of an fcc crystal with density 10.0 g cm and cell edge equal to 200 pm is equal to
a) 5x 104
b) 6x 103
c) 5x 1025
d 2 x 1025
Answer : a) 5x 104

59. NaCl type ionic structure. If the edge length of cell is 508 pm and the radius of anion is 144 pm, the radius of cation is….
a) 110 pm
b) 220 pm
c) 364 pm
d) 288 pm
Answer : a) 110 pm

60. The density of an ionic compound (Mw = 58.5) is 2.165 kgm-3 and the edge length of unit cell is 562 pm, then the A+B and Z of unit cell is….
a) 4
b) 1
c) 3
d) 2
Answer : a) 4

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