MCQ on Skeletal System

Skeletal system MCQ Questions and Answers

1. ____ and _____ constitute our skeletal system.

(1) Bones and blood

(2) Blood and lymph

(3) Bones and cartilages

Answer: 3

2. Which of the following is not a function of the skeletal system?

(1) Locomotion

(2) Production of erythrocytes

(3) Storage of minerals

(4) Production of body heat

Answer: 4

3. Which of these is not a function of the skeletal system?

(1) Mineral storage

(2) Protection of organs

(3) Movement

(4) Metabolism

Answer: 4

4. Osteoporosis, an age.the related disease of skeletal the system may occur due to:-

(1) Decreased level of estrogen

(2) Accumulation of uric acid leading to inflammation of joints.

(3) Immune disorder affecting neuro muscular junction leading to fatigue.

(4) High concentration of Ca++ and Na+.

Answer: 1

5. Select the correct statement regarding the specific disorder of muscular or skeletal system:-

(1) Myasthenia gravis-Autoimmune disorder which inhibits sliding of myosin filaments

(2) Gout inflammation of joints due to extra deposition of calcium

(3) Muscular dystrophy – age-related shortening of muscles

(4) Osteoporosis-decrease in bone mass and higher chances of fractures with advancing

Answer: 4

6. What type of tissue is cartilage?

(1) Muscular

(2) Epithelial

(3) Connective

(4) Nervous

Answer: 3

7. Which one of the following is the correct description of a certain part of a normal human skeleton?

(1) the First vertebra is the axis that articulates with the occipital condyles.

(2) The 9th and 10th ribs are called the floating ribs.

(3) Glenoid cavity is a depression to which the thigh bone articulates.

(4) Parietal bone and the temporal bone of the skull are joined by fibrous joints.

Answer: 4

8. Skeletal muscle bundles are held together by a standard connective tissue layer known as _______.

(1) Fascia

(2) Perimysium

(3) Aponeurosis

(4) Endomysium

Answer: 1

9. The study of the skeleton system is called as……

(1) Myology

(2) Cardiology

(3) Osteology

(4) Histology

Answer: 1

10. Tendons and ligaments are ________.

(1) Muscular tissue

(2) Connective tissue

(3) Skeletal tissue

(4) Fibrous connective tissue

Answer: 4

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