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Hello Students, how are you all hope you all will be good, in this Page we have shared with you more than 20 Important MCQ on Bioremediation class 12 with answers which is helpful for various entrance exams preparation. This Bioremediation Mcq pdf will help you enhance your performance in entrance exams like NEET and JEE. mcq on Bioremediation Biology is important chapter for Class 10, 11 and class 12 Students.

Bioremediation MCQs questions and answers are provided here with answers and detailed explanation each question. These Bioremediation MCQs are important from the NEET as well as various type of exam like UPSC, MPSC. By practicing our Mcq on Bioremediation class 12 pdf students will get acquainted with the key concepts which must be prepared to score high marks in the objective type questions in the any exam.

Bioremediation Mcqs

MCQs On Bioremediation For NEET

1. The bioremediation process involving the usage of plants to degrade pollutants is ______

A) Composting

B) Biopile

C) Phytoremediation

S) Land farming

Answer: C

2. Which of the following is not an indigenous microbe used for bioremediation ?

A) Pseudomonas aeruginosa

B) Piscirickettsia salmonis

C) Phanerochaete sordida

D) E. coli

Answer: B

3. Bioaugmentation involves ______

A) eliminating sludge

B) plants usage for bioremediation

C) addition of microbes to a cleanup site

D) bioventing

 Answer: C

4. Which cleanup approach includes removal of groundwater or soil from its natural setting to permit for bioremediation?

A) Bioaugmentation

B) in situ bioremediation

C) ex situ bioremediation

D) Phytoremediation

Answer: C

5. Ananda Chakraborty received the first U.S. patent for a GM entity. The entity was ______

A) The GloFish

B) a transgenic mouse expressing the growth hormone gene

C) Cloned E.Coli

D) Pseudomonas engineered to degrade petroleum

 Answer: D

6.In-situ based bio remediation involves introducing __________________ to contaminated areas.

A) Oxygen and nutrients

B) Carbon dioxide and methane

C) Nitrogen and CO2

D) CO and methane

Answer: D

7.Which of the following major technique is not employed during in-situ bioremediation?

A) Biosparging,

B) Bioventing

C) Injection recovery

D) Bio-luminescence

Answer: D

8. Which of the following is used in bio degradation of xenobiotics?

A) Enzymes

B) Chemicals

C) Physical sorting


Answer: A

9. During which stage of wastewater treatment are methanogenic microbes most important?

A)Primary treatment

B)Sludge digestion

C)Biological oxidation

D)Secondary treatment

Answer : B

10.A process using microbes to convert toxic industrial wastes to less toxic or non-toxic compounds is ______

A) Precipitation

B) Complement fixation

C) Bioconversion

D) Bioremediation

Answer: D

11. Which bacterium can withstand the dosage of radiation, which are several times higher than what human cells can tolerate.

A) Escherichia coli

B) Conus magus

C) Deinococcus radiodurans

D) Staphylococcus aureus

 Answer: C

12. To increase the speed and efficiency of Soil banking method ___________ is used.

A) Engineered biopiling

B) Soil slurry bioreactors

C) Land farming

D) Bio-sparging

Answer: A

13. What is the preferable range of temperature for bioremediation by soil microorganisms?

A) 0-50 °C

B) 50-60 °C

C) 80-100 °C

D) 120-150 °C

Answer: A

14. Which of the following type of soil is suitable for soil remediation?

A) Peaty Soil

B) Sandy soil

C) Less or no organic content soil

D) Soil with gravels

Answer: A

15. Which of the following treatment options is not suitable for areas where contaminants don’t cause a potential harm to human health and the environment?

A) Natural attenuation

B) Passive remediation

C) Bio attenuation

D) Live attenuated

Answer: D

16. What is the uses of Bioremediation ?

A) microbes to create new organisms

B) anaerobic bacteria to create new antibiotics

C) microbes to destroy environmental pollutants

D) aerobic bacteria to create new vaccines

Answer: C

17. Which of the following compound gets accumulated as a result of degradation by the anaerobic microorganisms?

A) Liquid Nitrogen

B) Crude oil

C) Oxygen

D) Nitrogen

Answer: B

18. _____________ technique is usually done within the earthwork banking that has been constructed.

A) Land farming

B) Bio sparging

C) Bio-accumulation

D) Bio-degradation

Answer: A

19. Which of the following process is not involved in the pretreatment stage of land farming?

A) Soil excavation

B) Soil screening

C) Storage

D) Bio-magnification

Answer: D

20. In Soil slurry reactor, the slurry is thickened and dewatered using __________

A) Clarifiers

B) Biosparging

C) Bio-accumulation

D) Bio-degradation

Answer: A

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