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Plant Growth and Development MCQ For NEET with Answers

Candidates who wish to prepare for the NEET Exam, as well as the NCERT board exam, can prepare better using our biology Chapter-wise MCQ Questions and answers. From here candidates can download the Plant Growth and Development MCQ in Pdf format. Plant growth and development MCQ will help aspirants to be familiar with an online examination. Along with that, due to the regular practice of Biology MCQ, candidates will get to know their strengths and weak topics in the Chapter Plant Growth and Development.

To qualify for the NEET Biology Exam, all the candidates need to prepare in the right way. One of the best approaches to prepare for the exam is Practicing the MCQ Questions on Biology. Here Plant growth and development Question and Answers are given below :


Plant growth and development mcq


MCQ on Plant Growth and Development MCQ for NEET

1. Auxetic growth involves ______________

(a) Cell division only

(b) cell enlargement only

(c) Both (a) e only

(d) Cell maturation only

Answer: c


2. What is a requirement of vernalization?

(a) Differentiated tissue

(b) Anaerobic condition

(c) Time factor

(d) High temperature

Answer: b


3. Point at which growth is maximum in an’S shape growth curve is called__________

(a) Extinction point

(b) Inflection point

(C) Checkpoint

(d) None of these

Answer : d


4. Which of the following promotes flowering in pineapple even in adverse conditions of photoperiod?

(a) Auxin

(b) Gibberellin

(c) CK

d) Ethylene

Answer: C


5. Which is a false statement regarding phytochrome?

(a) Absorption spectra are different from chlorophyll

(b) Has open tetra pyrrolic structure

(c) its active form decreases membrane permeability

(d) Involved in photomorphogenesis

Answer : d


6.  Vernalin is__________

(a) Chemically similar to CK

(b) Transported freely across the graft union

(c) Synthesized in plant receiving correct photoperiod

(d) Involved in stringification

Answer : d


7. Phototropic response in stem tip receiving unidirectional light iS not due to__________

(a) Accumulation of auxin on the darker side

(b) Destruction of auxin of the lighted side

(C) Increased activity of auxin on the illuminated side

(d) Downward translocation of auxin on the darker side

Answer: c


8. Growth is a ____________

(a) Irreversible increase in size

(b) Reversible increase in size

(c) Reversible increase in the shape 

(d) Increases in volume

Answer: a


9. Differentiation of conduction tissues of plants takes place under the hormonal control of_________

(a) Auxin

(b) Brassinosteroid

(c) ABA

(d) Ethylene

Answer: a


10. Bushy habit in plants results from________

(a) Girdling

(b) Pruning

(c) Defoliation

(d) Grafting

Answer: c


11.  Winter wheat variety can be made annually by__________

(a) Treatment with MH

(b) Treatment with GA3

(c) Decapitation

(d) Photoinductive cycles

Answer: b


12. Touch me not plants show____________

(a) Thigmotropism 

(b) Seismonasty

(c) Thigmonasty

(d) Haptonasty

Answer: b


13. Phototropism was discovered in_____________

(a) Oat

(b) Rice

(c) Canary grass

(d) Maize

Answer: c


14. Vernalin was discovered by__________

(a) Lysenko

(b) Garner

(c) Gassner

(d) Melcher

Answer: a


15. Cajlachjan discovered___________

(a) Phytochrome

(b) Cytochrome

(c) Florigen

(d) Ethylene

Answer: c


16. The application of which hormone delays the senescence in plants __________

(a) Ethylene

(b) Auxin

(c) GA

(d) Cytokinins

Answer : d


17. In liverworts and algae, ABA is functionally similar to __________

(a) Auxenolimic acid

(b) Linularic acid

(C) Triiodobenzoic acid

(d) Cis-sesquiterpene

Answer: b


18. The growth of plants differs from the growth of animals in being ________

(a) Diffused

(b) Localised

(c) Localised and diffused

(d) Uniform

Answer: b


19. Which one of the following is used to improve the quality of vegetable crops by inhibiting flower formation?

(a) NAAM

(6) Chlorophenoxy propionic acid

(c) CCC

(d) 2,4,5-T

Answer: b


20. Perennial plants where the apical meristem continues to produce new buds and leaves, show

(a) Shoot senescence

(b) Synchronous senescence

(c) Sequential senescence

(d) Simultaneous senescence

Answer: c


21. Auxetic growth is ________

(a) Growth involving cell divisions only

(b) Growth involving cell enlargement only

(c) Growth involving both cell division and cell enlargement

(d) Growth without cell division and cell enlargement

Answer: b


22. Respiratory climacteric and Richmond Lang effect are due to__________

(a) Ethylene and MH respectively

(b) Ethylene and cytokinin respectively

(C) Cytokinin only

(d) ABA and IAA respectively

Answer: b


23. Circinate vernation of Cycas and Fern leaves in the young condition is due to_________

(a) Nasty movement

(b) Ephemeral movement

(C) Tactic movement

(d) Turgor movement

Answer: a


24. Differentiation of tissues and organs is controlled by__________

(a) Auxins and GA 

(b) Auxins and CK

(C) GA and CKront 

(d) Auxins only

Answer: b


25. Richmond-Lang elect is related with__________

(a) Substituting cold treatment

(b) Bolting

(c) Feminising effect

(d) Delaying senescence

Answer : d


26. Bio-assay for cytokinin is________

(a) Cotyledon expansion test

(b) Triple response test

(c) Split pea stem cuvature test

(d) Dwarf maize test

Answer: a


27. The growth movements in which the direction of response is determined by the structure of the responsive region is ________

(a) Nutation

(b) Tropic movements

(c) Nastic movements

(d) Tactic movement

Answer: c


28. Which of the following hormones causes elongation in intact plants?

(a) Auxin

(b) Cytokinin

(c) Gibberellin

(d) Abscisic

Answer: c


29. Ferulic acid is the inhibitor of seed germination found in________

(a) Tobacco

(b) Xanthium

(C) Tomato

(d) Apple

Answer: c


30. Starch-statolith theory was proposed to explain the mechanism of __________

(a) Geotropism

(b) Epinasty

(c) Phototropism

(d) Seismonasty

Answer: a


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