Ethics MCQ with Answers Pdf

MCQ on Ethics and Morality

1. The major types of ethical issues include except_________

A. Communication issues

B. Systematic issues

C. Corporate issues

D. Individual issues

Answer: A

2. Morality is a________

A.. It is a special code of conduct

B. It is about how behavior “should” and “should not” be

C. It can be seen everywhere in life

D. Only for a few people

Answer: A

3. Which of the following is an alternative to moral principles_______

A. Virtue Ethics

B. Logic Ethics

C. Real Ethics

D. A and C

Answer: A

4. Socialist professional ethics is a social consciousness based on ( ) as the main economic basis____

A. Public ownership

B. Private ownership

C. Market economy

D. Planned economy

Answer: 1

5. Avoiding ‘plagiarism’ is known to be law of;

A. confidentiality

B. copyright

C. courtesy

D. Avoiding copy and paste

Answer: B

6. Which of the following statements about professional ethics is incorrect_______

A.. Different professions have different professional ethics, and professional ethics are industry-specific

B. The requirements of professional ethics can be stipulated in the form of regulations

C. Professional ethics can exist separately from class ethics

D. Occupation Morality is characterized by continuous development and generational continuity

Answer: C

7. Which of the following statements about morality is correct________

A. Morality is a mandatory norm to deal with the relationship between people

B. Morality is the fundamental symbol that distinguishes humans from animals

C. Morality requires people to be higher than law

D. Morality has never been classed

Answer: C

8. Regarding the difference between morality and law, which one do you think is incorrect? 

A. Morality is produced earlier than law

B. The scope of moral adjustment is wider than that of law

C. The expression of morality is not as strict as law

D. The implementation of morality is more mandatory than law

Answer: D

9. The expression that correctly illustrates the relationship between socialist moral norms and legal norms is_______

A. The two are not related in any way

B. The two overlap completely

C. The legal norm covers the moral code

D. The two partially overlap

Answer: D

10. Which statement is correct about the relationship between honesty and trustworthiness______

A. Honesty is the ideological basis of trustworthiness

B. Trustworthiness is the ideological basis of honesty

C. Honesty is the inner content of honesty

D. Honesty is the external manifestation of trustworthiness

Answer: A

11. Professional ethics refers to what people who are engaged in a certain occupation should abide by in the process of work and labor, and are closely related to their professional activities_____________

A. Moral Principles

B. Moral Code

C. Moral Responsibility

D. Sum of Moral Principles and Norms

Answer: D

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