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MCQ on Marketing Mix:

What is marketing mix?

  • In 1953, Neil Borden coined the term “Marketing Mix” in his inaugural address to the American Marketing Association, which refers to what a company uses in its target market to achieve its marketing goals. 
  • Around 1960, Professor Jerry McCarthy (Jerry McCarthy) formally proposed the 4P marketing theory in his book “Marketing”, 
  • 4P refers to Product, Price, Place (channel) and Promotion four English words. 
  • This theory holds that if a marketing mix includes the right product, the right price, the right channel, and the right promotion strategy, then it will be a successful marketing mix strategy, and the company’s marketing goals can also be achieved by this.
  • The 4P marketing theory was the first to simplify, abstract and systemize complex marketing activities, build the basic framework of marketing, and promote the development and popularization of marketing theory.
  • 4C, 4R, 4S and other similar theories, but none of them can surpass the classic status of 4P theory. Until today, 4P marketing theory is still the main support tool for most companies to carry out marketing work.

MCQ on Marketing Mix with Answers Pdf

1. The concept of marketing mix was developed by________

(1) philip kotler

(2) stapleton

(3) n.h borden

(4) albert w emery

Answer: 3

2. The marketing mix is also known as the ________.

(1) PSI

(2) P matrix

(3) Tangible/intangible continuum

(4) Four Ps

Answer: 4

3. The marketing mix (the 4 Ps of marketing) does not include

(1) product

(2) place

(3) practicality

(4) promotion

Answer: 3

4. What are 4Ps of marketing mix?

(1) product, price, population, place

(2) product, price, place, population

(3) product, price, place, promotion

(4) product, price, population, promotion

Answer: 3

5. Marketing mix is considered as one of the _____________ in marketing?

(1) Factor affecting pricing

(2) Core concept

(3) Philosophy

(4) None of these

Answer: 1

6. Under ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ marketing strategy, market segments are identified and a different marketing mixis developed for each of the segments.

(1) Differentiated

(2) Focus

(3) Customized

(4) None of these.

Answer: 1

7. Identifying and providing different marketing mix for each of the segments isknown as……….

(1) undifferentiated marketing

(2) differentiated marketing

(3) concentrated marketing

(4) customised or personalised marketing

Answer: 2

8. An organisation directs its marketing efforts at two or more segments bydeveloping a marketing mix for each segment.

(1) total market approach

(2) concentration approach

(3) multi-segment approach

(4) none of these

Answer: 3

9. This P is not a part of the 7Ps of marketing mix?

(1) Promotion

(2) Price

(3) People

(4) Purpose

Answer: 4

10. Which of the following is NOT a part of marketing communication mix?

(1) Telemarketing

(2) Public relations

(3) Sales promotion

(4) Advertising

Answer: 3

11. Who suggested product, pricing, place, promotion all these in a company represents “Market Mix”?

(1) Neil Borden

(2) Neilsen

(3) Philip Kotler

(4) Stephen Morse

Answer: 1

12. Who suggested the concept of 4Ps in market mix?

(1) Jerome McCarthy

(2) Neilsen

(3) Philip Kotler

(4) Stephen Morse

Answer: 1

13. Who is the father of marketing mix?

(1) Edmund Jerome McCarthy

(2) Neilsen

(3) Philip Kotler

(4) Stephen Morse

Answer: 1

14. The marketing mix consists of:

(1) Product, price, research, and promotion.

(2) Product, research, distribution, and promotion.

(3) Product, price, distribution, and promotion.

(4) Product, price, distribution, and research.

Answer: 2

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