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MCQ on Phylum Arthropoda

We brings Here MCQ on Phylum Arthropoda. which is very important in NEET point of view.  With every questions test your knowledge. Multiple Choice Questions on Arthropoda for NEET Aspirants are available for free, you can test your knowledge anytime and share the links with your friends to help them check their knowledge.

It will be very helpful for those students who are willing to get good marks in their board exam preparation. Get the MCQ questions on Arthropoda Pdf. All these questions are provided with answers and their detailed explanation of each Question. Check out the MCQs provided below to get an idea of the type of questions to be asked on Phylum Arthropoda in NEET exam.

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Arthropoda MCQ with Answers

1. Glow worm is_______

(a) Annelid

(b) Insect

(c) Helminthes

(d) Mollusca

Answer: B


2. Which thing is common in leech, mosquito, bed bug and rat_________

(a) All have anticoagulant

(b) All have nucleus

(c) All have no cellular membrane

(d) All have a sexual phase

Answer: D


3. A moth is closely related to__________

(a) Butterfly

(b) Beetle

(c) Cricket

(d) Wasp

Answer: A

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4. The biggest phylum in regard to the number of species is__________

(a) Arthropodst

(b) Platyhelminthes

(c) Chordate

(d) Protozoa

Answer: A


5. Which one of the following belongs to phylum arthropods?

(a) Octopus

(b) Termite

(c) Nereis

(d) Leech

Answer: B

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6. Complete metamorphosis is observed in__________

(a) Silver Fish

(b) Gypsy Moth

(c) Bed Bug

(d) Grasshopper

Answer: B


7. An insect without pupa stage is_______

(a) Mosquitom

(b)Bed Bug

(c) Silk Moth sdlot

(d) Butterfly

Answer: B


8. In insect, oxygen is carried to different tissues by____________

(a) Diffusion through surface

(b) Tracheal tubes

(c) Respiratory pigment through blood

(d) Gills

Answer: B


9. Anal cerci occur in__________

(a) Both male and female cockroaches

(b) Male Cockroach

(c) Female Cockroach

(d) Female Ascaris

Answer: A

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10. Filariasis, wuchreria and elephantiasis diseases are transmitted by___________

(a) House fly

(b) Culex 

(c) Aedes

(d) Anopheles

Answer: B


11. The smallest basic unt Or a compound eye in cockroach and insects is known as_________

(a) Corneal facet

(b) Rhabdome

(c) Retina

(d) Ommatidium

Answer: D


12. Compound eyes In nsects Produce the image_________

(a) Apposition

(b) Superposition

(c) Both

(d) None

Answer: C


13. The period in between two moults in insect is termed as___________

(a) Incubation 

(b) Instar

(c) Stadium

(d) Ecdysis

Answer: C

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14. Which one is a colonial insect ?

(a) Housefly

(b) Termite

(c) Mosquito

(d) Bed bug

Answer:  B


15. A house fly undergoes metamorphosis in the following order________

(a) Egg. pupa, larva, adult

(b) Egg, larva, nymph, adult

(c) Egg, larva, pupa, imago, adult

(d) Egg, nymph, pupa, adult

Answer: C


16. Which set of insects is useful to man ? 

(a) Honey bee, locust, lac insect

(b) Silk moth, honey bee, dragon fly, locust

(c) Lac insect, silk moth, honey bee, cochineal insect

(d) Rice – weevil, silk moth, honey bee

Answer: C


17. Yellow fever is transmitted by___________

(a) Culex

(b) Aedes

(c) House fly

(d) Anopheles

Answer: B


18. The ants make their path in a definite direction in a pertect manner of curves. It is due to sense of__________

(a) Vision

(b) Smell

(c) Touch

(d) Intelligence

Answer: B


19. The damage to the sugarcane crop is mainly caused by_________

(a) Locusts

(b) Pyrilla

(c) Termites 

(d) Aphids

Answer: B


20. The spider makes the web with the help of a fluid which comes out from the_________

(a) Mouth

(b) Legs

(c) Abdominal glands 

(d) Salivary glands

Answer: C


21. Insects are active because_______

(a) They are small

(b) They have open vasculation

(c)They have developed respiratory organs

(d) They are adapted for flight

Answer: C


22. Which structure of man 15 Similar to the spiracle of Cockroach?

(b) Bronchiole

(a) Nostril

(c) Lungs

(d) Alveoli

Answer: A


23. Which among the tollowing 18 not a oviparous arthropod’?

(a) Beetles

(b) Centipedes

(c) Scorpion

(d) Prawns

Answer: C


24. Tubular heart of cockroach has how many chambers_________

(a) 10

(b) 13

(c) 12

(d) 1

Answer: B


25. Maximum number of economically important species are in the class__________

(a) Chilopoda

(b) Insecta

(c) Diplopoda

(d) Crustacea

Answer: B


26. The common characters found in centipede, cockroach and crab are__________

(a) Green gland and tracheae

(b) Book lungs and antennae

(c) Compound eyes and, anal cerci

(d) Jointed legs and chitinous exoskeleton

Answer: D


27. Which one of the following has an open circulatory system ?

(a) Hirudinaria 

(b) Octopus

(c) Pheretima

(d) Periplaneta

Answer: D


28. Respiration pigment of blood in cockroach is_________

(a) Haemozoine 

(b) Haemocyanin

(c) Haemoglobin 

(d) Absent

Answer: D


29. Book lungs are the respiratory organs in_________

(a) Protozoans

(b) Cnidarians

(c) Arthropodes

(d) Amphibians

Answer: C


30. The taste receptors of cockroach are________

(a) Compounds eyes

(b) Companiform sensillae

(c) Palps of maxillary and labium

(d) Tactile hairs

Answer: C


31. Among the following, colonial insects are__________

(a) Locusts

(b) Mosquitoes

(c) White ants

(d) Bed bug

Answer: C


32. Malpighian tubules are___________

(a) Excretory organs of insects

(b) Excretory organs of frogot nod

(c) Respiratory organs of insects o

(d) Endocrine glands of insects

Answer: A


33. In cockroach, larval and nymphal characters a maintained by__________

(a) Ecdysone

(b) Parotid gland

(c) Salivary glands

(d) Juvenile hormone

Answer: D 

We hope above given MCQ on Phylum Arthropoda with Answers Pdf Download will help you to score high in your board exam as well as verious compititive entrance examinations also. If you have any query regarding Phylum Arthropoda Multiple Choice Questions with Answers, drop a comment below.

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