Lipid Metabolism MCQ with Answers

MCQ on Lipid Metabolism

1. What is lipolysis?

A. Hydrolysis of triacylglycerol

B. Formation of lipids

C. Breakdown of ketone bodies

D. Formation of ketone bodies

Answer: A

2. Triglyceride is a__________

A. Simple lipids

B. Complex lipids

C. Derived lipids

D. None of the above

Answer: C

3. Which of the following pathway is not used for triacylglycerol synthesis?

A. Glycerol 3-phosphate pathway

B. Glyoxylate pathway

C. Monoacylglycerol pathway

D. Kennedy pathway

Answer: B

4. Fat and sugar are both energy substances. When the two are oxysomed and decomposed in the body, compared with the same quality of fat and sugar, fat_________

A. Release more energy and consume more oxygen

B. Release more energy and consume less oxygen

C. Less energy, more oxygen consumption

D. Less energy, less oxygen consumption

Answer: A

5. Which of the following does not significantly contribute to gluconeogenesis in humans__________

A. Lactate

B. Fatty acids

C. Pyruvate

D. Amino acids

Answer: B

6. Which of the following statements about blood lipid metabolism and its regulation in the human body is false_________

A. Triglycerides in the blood can come from chylomicrons in the small intestine

B. High levels of high-density lipoprotein in the blood can lead to hypercholesterolemia

C. Interconversion of triglycerides and glucose in adipocytes

D. Glucagon promotes the breakdown of triglycerides

Answer: B

7. Which of the following statements about the metabolism of the three major nutrients in the human body is correct?

A. Glycogen can only be synthesized in the liver (liver glycogen) and muscle (muscle glycogen)

B. Fat is the main energy storage material because the unit mass of fat not only releases more energy during oxidative decomposition than glycogen but also occupies a larger volume during storage

C. During starvation, both urea, and glucose in the plasma will increase after the blood flows through the liver

D. The starting point of chemical digestion of starch in the mouth, and the starting point of chemical digestion of fat in the liver

Answer: C

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