MCQ on White Pollution

Multiple Choice Questions on White Pollution:

1. “White pollution” mainly refers to the pollution caused by______

A. White cement

B. lime

C. plastic

D. chalk grey

Answer: C

2. Which of the following substances is a synthetic material is________

A. Wood alloy 

B. Natural silk 

C. man-made fibers 

D. Plexiglass

Answer: C

3. The use of plastics facilitates human life, but it also brings “white pollution”. Which of the following measures to solve “white pollution” is reasonable ________

A. Incineration of waste plastic bags

B. Bury the plastic in the soil

C. Ban the use of plastic products

D. Use degradable plastic

Answer: D

4. To solve the problem of “white pollution”, the following practices should not be advocated_________

A. Use of new decomposable plastics

B. Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags

C. Recycle waste plastic

D. burning waste plastic

Answer: D

5. To solve the “white pollution” problem, which of the following methods is not feasible_______

A. Minimize the use of plastics

B. Recycle waste plastic

C. Develop and promote the use of new plastics that are easily decomposed under natural conditions

D. Prohibit the use of any plastic products

Answer: D

6. The use of plastic has greatly facilitated human life, but it has also brought serious “white pollution”. Which of the following measures to solve the “white pollution” problem is inappropriate_______

A. Supermarkets provide plastic bags for a fee

B. Promote the burning of discarded plastic products

C. Recycling various waste plastic products

D. Promote the use of some new, degradable plastic lunch boxes

Answer: B

7. Which of the following statements is false for solving the “white pollution” problem______

A. To reduce the use of unnecessary plastics, paper bags can be used instead of plastic bags

B. Reduce the procedures for sorting and recycling various waste plastics

C. Use some new, degradable plastics

D. Reusable plastic bags at home

Answer: B

8. Which of the following is incorrect_______

A. Calcium deficiency in adults can easily lead to osteoporosis

B. Wool and polyester can be distinguished by combustion method

C. Controlling the use of plastic bags can reduce white pollution

D. Eating seafood soaked in formaldehyde is harmless to the human body

Answer: D

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