MCQ on Angiosperms for NEET with Answers

Angiosperms MCQ Pdf with Answers

Check your knowledge by solving MCQ on Angiosperms with answers Pdf. Below MCQs will help learners for preparing NEET examinations and will be able to score better as all the resources required to study of Angiosperms are provided here. We tried to simplify the complexities of some of the topics in the form of Angiosperms multiple choice questions and answers so that preparation becomes easy for the NEET aspirants.

These MCQs on Angiosperms  are also useful for preparing for various competitive exams like KVPY, CET, NTSE, NET, SET. So, we are providing MCQ Questions on Angiosperms that will help you to understand the basic concepts of Angiosperms and even help you get a good score with sufficient practice questions for each topic.

MCQ Questions on Angiosperms and its Life Cycle : 

1. The largest ovules, largest male and female gametes and largest plants are found among__________

(1) Angiosperms

(2) Tree ferns and some monocots

(3) Gymnosperms

(4) Dicotyledonous plants

Answer : 3

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2. Largest sperms in the plant world are found in______

(1) Pinus

(2) Banyan

(3) Cycas

(4) Thuja

Answer : 3

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3. Seed-habit first originated in________

(1) certain ferns

(2) certain pines

(3) certain monocots 

(4) primitive dicots

Answer : 1

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4. Sunken stomata is the characteristic feature of________

(1) hydrophyte 

(2) mesophyte 

(3) xerophyte

(4) halophyte

Answer : 3

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5. Which among the following is incorrect?

(1) In bryophytes, haploid gametophyte is the dominant phase

(2) In Volvox, haploid gametophyte is the dominant phase

(3) In Spirogyra, diploid Sporophyte is the dominant phase

(4) In Pappaya, haploid gametophyte is the dominant phase

Answer: 3

6. Pinus differs from mango in having________

(1) tree habit

(2) green leaves

(3) ovules not enclosed in ovary

(4) wood

Answer : 3

7. Turpentine is obtained from__________

(1) Angiospermous wood

(2) Pteridophytes

(3) Gymnospermous wood

(4) Ferns

Answer : 3

8. The smallest angiosperm is_________

(1) Mistletoe

(2) Rafflesia

(3) Wolfiella

(4) Wolffia

Answer: 4

9. Saprophytic angiosperms are also called_________

(1) Mycorrhizal plants

(2) Mesophytic plants

(3) Humus plants

(4) Myrmecophilous plants

Answer: 3

10. Which one has the largest gametophyte?

(1) Cycas

(2) Angiosperm

(3) Selaginella

(4) Mos

Answer : 4

11. Double fertilization is exhibited by______

(1) Algae

(2) Fungi

(3) Angiosperms

(4) Gymnosperms

Answer: 3

12. Male gametophyte in angiosperms produces_______

(1) Single sperm and vegetative cell

(2) Single sperm and two vegetative cells

(3) Three sperms

(4) Two sperms and a vegetative cell

Answer: 4

13. In angiosperms, microsporogenesis and megasporogenesis________

(1) form gametes without further divisions 

(2) Involve meiosis

(3) occur in ovule 

(4) occur in anther

Answer: 2

14. In angiosperms, functional megaspore develops into____

(1) embryo sac

(2) ovule

(3) endosperm

(4) pollen sac

Answer: 1

15. Which one of the following has haplontic life cycle? 

(1) Polytrichum 

(2) Ustilago

(3) Wheat

(4) Funaria

Answer: 2

16. Functional megaspore in an angiosperm develops into

(1) Endosperm

(2) Embryo

(3) Embryo-sac

(4) Ovule

Answer: 3

17. Which one pair of examples will correctly represent the grouping Spermatophyta according to one of the schemes of classifying plants ?

(1) Ginkgo, Pisum

(2) Acacia, Sugarcane

(3) Pinus, Cycas

(4) Rhizopus, Triticum

Answer: 1

18. Which of the following plants produces  seeds but not flowers?

(1) Maize

(2) Mint

(3) Peepal

(4) Pinus

Answer: 4

19. Which of the following is without exception in angiosperms? 

(1) presence of vessels

(2) double fertilisation

(3) secondary growth

(4) autotrophic nutrition

Answer: 2

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