Complete List of Biology Articles for Students

Biology students often encounter new and complex terms, phenomena, and processes. They may need help with various topics, such as the life cycle of gymnosperms and other concepts. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you.

Below, you’ll find a complete list of biology articles and study notes. You can download these articles to study and improve your chances of success in the 2025 exams.

Biology Articles for Students

Check the table below for the complete list of Biology Articles for Students, and use them to prepare effectively for your exam.

Complete Notes Biology Articles for Students

What is a Cell? Structure and Functions of Cell FAQsProkaryotic Cell: Structure, Functions, Feature
Somatic Cell: Definition, Types, Examples, FunctionsAnimal Cell: Structure, Function, Types, and Definition
Plant Cell: Definition, Structure, and Functions, TypesWhat is Sexual Reproduction? Definition, Advantages
What is Asexual Reproduction? Definition, Types of Asexual Reproduction, AdvantagesWhat is Reproduction? Definition, Types of Reproduction, Importance
Mitochondria: Structure, Functions, DefinitionRNA: Definition, Types, Structure, and Functions
Photosynthesis: Definition, Process, Functions, and TypesDNA Replication: Enzymes, Process, An Overview
Lysosome: Structure, Functions, Types, CharacteristicsRibosome: Definition, Structure, Functions, Types
Cell Nucleus: Functions, Structure, and CompositionKingdom Animalia: Definition, Classification, Phylum, Order
Reproductive and Child Health Care (RCH): Definition, Goal, ObjectivesEukaryotic Cell: Definition, Structure, Types, Examples, Functions
Prokaryotic Cell: Structure, Functions, FeatureWhat is Genetic Material? Definition, Types, and Functions of Genetic Material
Gene Mutation: Definition, Types, Characteristics, EffectsTaq Polymerase: Definition, Role, and Limitations of Taq Polymerase
Mutagen: Definition, Types, Nature, EffectsCytoplasm: Definition, Meaning, Structure, Functions of Cytoplasm
Main Functions of CytoplasmFlagella: Structure, Functions, Examples
Endoplasmic Reticulum: Structure, Functions, Types, FeaturesSomatic Cell: Definition, Types, Examples, Functions
Functions of MitochondriaNote on Mutation
What is ATP in Biology?Cyanobacteria: Definition, Structure, Appearance, Importance FAQs
What is Nucleotide? Definition, Types, Structure, FunctionsTransgenic Animals: Definition, Methods, Examples, Application
What is Binary Fission? Process, TypesMeiosis: Definition, Stages, Purpose, Significance
What is Cytokinesis? An OverviewKaryokinesis: Definition, Stages, and Importance

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Complete Biology MCQ Articles for Students

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are a great way to test how well students understand a topic. Our experts have created these Biology MCQ Articles for Students based on the latest trends and practices, and they are useful for competitive exams too.

We update the content regularly with new topics, questions, and helpful links. These Biology MCQs cover all the topics of Biology.

Students can choose their topics by clicking on the provided links. Here is a list of important Biology MCQs. Check them out and solve them to prepare for Exams.

MCQ on Nucleic AcidMCQ on Bacteria
MCQ on RDTMCQ on Food Chain
Genetic EngineeringGene Therapy
MCQ on AIDSMCQ on Plant Harmone
MCQ on Genetic DisordersMCQ on Genetic Material
Central DogmaPopulation Ecology
Carbon CycleMCQ on Nitrogen Fixation
Ethics MCQMCQ on Acid Rain
MCQ on White PollutionMCQ on Noice Pollution
Plant Cell MCQMCQ on Flower
MCQ on Cell SignalingHomozygous Genes
MCQ on Chromosomal AbnormalityCancer MCQ
Auxin MCQEnergy flow in Ecosystem
Biochemical CyclePlant Nutrition
MCQ on Protein SynthesisMCQ on Transcription
MCQ on RNAMCQ on Amino Acids
MCQ on DNAMCQ on Carbohydrate
Lipid MCQInfectious Disease
MCQ on Immunological TechniqueFermentation MCQ
Screening of MicroorganismsStrain Improvement
MCQ on ProteinsMCQ on Antibody
Female representative systemMCQ on Antigen
Immunology MCQMCQ on Cell Theory
MCQ on ImmunityOrigin of Life
MCQ on ChromosomeHuman Genome Project
Carbohydrate metabolismLipid Metabolism
Protein MetabolismMetabolism MCQ
aerobic respirationAnaerobic Respiration
MCQ on TranspirationMCQ on Cellular Senescence
Totipotency MCQApoptosis
MCQ on AmitosisMitosis MCQ
Meiosis MCQCell Engineering
Genetic RecombinationProteins and Amino Acids
MCQ on HIVMCQ on Vitamins
MCQ on GeneticsAnimal Tissue MCQ
ElectrophoresisDNA Replication MCQ
Reproduction in OrganismsPaper Chromatography
Chromatography MCQLiving World
Heart DiseaseHeart MCQ
MCQ on MicrobiologyBiochemistry MCQ
Endocrine System MCQBlood Transfusion
Male Reproductive SystemConnective Tissue
MCQ on Mendelian GeneticsEcology MCQ
MCQ on AntibioticsMCQ on Pollination
ParthenogenesisEndosperm MCQ
Double FertilizationMCQ on Pollen Grains
MCQ on EmbryoParthenocarpy
Environmental StudiesAutoclave MCQ
Biodiversity MCQMCQ on Viruses
MCQ on AngiospermMCQ on Cell Cycle
MCQ on AutoclaveCET PYQ
MCQ on Environmental MicrobiologyMCQ on Nuclei
MCQ on Environmental StudiesMCQ on Life Processes
MCQ on VaccinesBatch Sterilization MCQ
Physics MCQMCQ on Chloroplast
MCQ on Cell SignallingFundamental unit of life MCQ
Phylum Porifera MCQPhylum platyhelminthes MCQ
mcq on phylum coelenterataTransportation in Plants
MCQ on ArthropodsMCQ on Osmosis
MCQ on DiffusionMCQ on Reproductive Health
Reproduction in flowering plantIn vitro fertilization
Meristematic TissueMuscle Contraction MCQ
MCQ on HomeostasisMCQ on Fertilizers
Mycoplasma MCQMCQ on PCR
Bioremediation MCQBIotechnology MCQ
MCQ on CellGlobal Warming MCQ
MCQ on CytoplasmMCQ on Plastid
Bleeding Quiz: MCQ on BleedingAntiseptic MCQ with Answers: Antiseptic Quiz
Endocrine System Quiz: Endocrine TestMCQs in Biochemistry
MCQs on Microbiology: Microbiology QuizDarwin’s Theory Quiz
Histology Quiz: Histology Practice TestTest Banks for Medical Surgical Nursing
Diabetes Quiz: Questions and Answers PDFQuiz on Emotions
MCQ on Bacteria PDFRecombinant DNA Technology MCQ with Answers PDF
MCQ on Food Chain and Food WebMCQ on AIDS PDF
MCQ on Plant Hormone PDFMCQ on Genetic Disorders PDF
MCQ on Chromosomal Abnormalities PDFMCQ on Nucleic Acid PDF
MCQ on Genetic Material PDFMCQ on Central Dogma PDF
Population Ecology MCQs PDFCommunity Structure and Diversity MCQ
Carbon Cycle MCQs PDFMCQ on Organ Transplantation Graft
MCQ on Nitrogen Fixation with Answers PDFMCQ on ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
MCQ on Cancer with Answers PDFMCQ on Auxin PDF
Quiz on Heart: Multiple Choice QuestionsHeart Failure: Multiple Choice Questions
MCQ on Heart DiseaseMCQ on Liver PDF
Plant Cell: Multiple Choice QuestionsMCQ on Flower PDF
MCQ on Positive and Negative NumbersMCQ on Rational Numbers PDF
MCQ on Heterozygous GenotypeSignal Transduction MCQs with Answers PDF
MCQ on Cell Signaling PDFMCQ on Homozygous Genes

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