Biology Questions and Answers

Are you gearing up for a competitive exam? If yes, it’s crucial to brush up on your general knowledge, current affairs, geography, general science, and especially biology. This article offers over 1000+ Biology Questions and Answers to help you prepare.

Biology is often a high-scoring section in competitive exams. Here, we’ll cover some important Biology Questions and Answers that are commonly seen in various competitive tests. You can also download PDFs containing lists of different biology topics.

Biology Questions and Answers

Candidates aiming for exams like banking, SSC, insurance, government, or the prestigious UPSC must familiarize themselves with key biology topics to excel.

One-Liner Biology Questions and Answers

Q1. What is biology short answer?
Biology is the study of living organisms and their interactions with each other and their environments.

Q2. What is MCQ in biology?
MCQ stands for Multiple Choice Questions in biology. These are questions where you choose the correct answer from several options provided.

Q3. Who was the father of biology?
Aristotle is often referred to as the father of biology.

Q4. Who named biology first?
The term “biology” was first coined by the German biologist Karl Friedrich Burdach.

Q5. Who is the father of cell?
Theodor Schwann is often referred to as the father of cell theory.

Q6. Who is known as mother of biology?
Maria Sibylla Merian is sometimes referred to as the mother of biology, particularly for her work in entomology and natural history illustration.

Q7. Who discovered the cell?
The cell was discovered by the English scientist Robert Hooke in 1665.

Q8. What does DNA stand for?
DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

Detailed Biology Questions and Answers

What is a Cell? Structure and Functions of CellProkaryotic Cell: Structure, Functions, Feature
Somatic Cell: Definition, Types, Examples, FunctionsAnimal Cell: Structure, Function, Types, and Definition
Plant Cell: Definition, Structure, and Functions, TypesWhat is Sexual Reproduction? Definition, Advantages
What is Asexual Reproduction? Definition, Types of Asexual Reproduction, AdvantagesWhat is Reproduction? Definition, Types of Reproduction, Importance
Mitochondria: Structure, Functions, DefinitionRNA: Definition, Types, Structure, and Functions
Photosynthesis: Definition, Process, Functions, and TypesDNA Replication: Enzymes, Process, An Overview
Lysosome: Structure, Functions, Types, CharacteristicsRibosome: Definition, Structure, Functions, Types
Cell Nucleus: Functions, Structure, and CompositionKingdom Animalia: Definition, Classification, Phylum, Order

Branches of Biology Questions and Answers

Branches of BiologyFathers
3.Modern BotanyLinnaeus
4.ImmunologyEdward Jenner’s
5.CytologyRobert Hooke
6.GeneticsGregor Mendel
7.PaleontologyLeonardo di Vinci
9.EugenicsFrancis Galton
10.Modern GeneticsThomas Hunt Morgan
11.Botanical IllustrationsKrateuas
12.Plant AnatomyNehemiah Grew
13.TaxonomyCarl Linnaeus
15.HistologyMarie François Xavier Bichat
16.Comparative AnatomyGeorges Cuvier
17.MycologyPier Antonio Micheli
18.Plant PhysiologyStephen Hales
19.MicrobiologyAntonie Van Leeuwenhoek
20.BacteriologyLouis Pasteur
21.Mutation TheoryHugo de Vries
Biology Questions and Answers

Biology Questions and Answers MCQ

We’ve compiled Biology Questions and Answers to test how well you grasp key biology topics. Biology Questions and Answers play a vital role in learning biology. If you can answer these questions, it shows you understand the topic. These biology gk questions focus on important details to help you learn thoroughly.

MCQ on Nucleic AcidMCQ on Bacteria
MCQ on RDTMCQ on Food Chain
Genetic EngineeringGene Therapy
MCQ on AIDSMCQ on Plant Harmone
MCQ on Genetic DisordersMCQ on Genetic Material
Central DogmaPopulation Ecology
Carbon CycleMCQ on Nitrogen Fixation
Ethics MCQMCQ on Acid Rain
MCQ on White PollutionMCQ on Noice Pollution
Plant Cell MCQMCQ on Flower
MCQ on Cell SignalingHomozygous Genes
MCQ on Chromosomal AbnormalityCancer MCQ
Auxin MCQEnergy flow in Ecosystem
Biochemical CyclePlant Nutrition
MCQ on Protein SynthesisMCQ on Transcription
MCQ on RNAMCQ on Amino Acids
MCQ on DNAMCQ on Carbohydrate
Lipid MCQInfectious Disease
MCQ on Immunological TechniqueFermentation MCQ
Screening of MicroorganismsStrain Improvement
MCQ on ProteinsMCQ on Antibody
Female representative systemMCQ on Antigen
Immunology MCQMCQ on Cell Theory
MCQ on ImmunityOrigin of Life
MCQ on ChromosomeHuman Genome Project
Carbohydrate metabolismLipid Metabolism
Protein MetabolismMetabolism MCQ
aerobic respirationAnaerobic Respiration
MCQ on TranspirationMCQ on Cellular Senescence
Totipotency MCQApoptosis
MCQ on AmitosisMitosis MCQ
Meiosis MCQCell Engineering
Genetic RecombinationProteins and Amino Acids
MCQ on HIVMCQ on Vitamins
MCQ on GeneticsAnimal Tissue MCQ
ElectrophoresisDNA Replication MCQ
Reproduction in OrganismsPaper Chromatography
Chromatography MCQLiving World
Heart DiseaseHeart MCQ
MCQ on MicrobiologyBiochemistry MCQ
Endocrine System MCQBlood Transfusion
Male Reproductive SystemConnective Tissue
MCQ on Mendelian GeneticsEcology MCQ
MCQ on AntibioticsMCQ on Pollination
ParthenogenesisEndosperm MCQ
Double FertilizationMCQ on Pollen Grains
MCQ on EmbryoParthenocarpy
Environmental StudiesAutoclave MCQ
Biodiversity MCQMCQ on Viruses
MCQ on AngiospermMCQ on Cell Cycle
MCQ on AutoclaveCET PYQ
MCQ on Environmental MicrobiologyMCQ on Nuclei
MCQ on Environmental StudiesMCQ on Life Processes
MCQ on VaccinesBatch Sterilization MCQ
Physics MCQMCQ on Chloroplast
MCQ on Cell SignallingFundamental unit of life MCQ
Phylum Porifera MCQPhylum platyhelminthes MCQ
mcq on phylum coelenterataTransportation in Plants
MCQ on ArthropodsMCQ on Osmosis
MCQ on DiffusionMCQ on Reproductive Health
Reproduction in flowering plantIn vitro fertilization
Meristematic TissueMuscle Contraction MCQ
MCQ on HomeostasisMCQ on Fertilizers
Mycoplasma MCQMCQ on PCR
Bioremediation MCQBIotechnology MCQ
MCQ on CellGlobal Warming MCQ
MCQ on CytoplasmMCQ on Plastid

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