Write a Note on Integrated Organic Farming.

Write note on integrated organic farming.

Write note on integrated organic farming

Answer : 

  1. Integrated organic farming is cyclical and zero waste procedure.
  2. Waste products of one process are used in other process as nutrients so natural resources utilized maximum.
  3. Mr. Rameshchander Dagar a farmer of sonipat Haryana practiced organic farming where he follow bee keeping dairy water harvesting composting and agriculture in a chain.
  4. All these processes supports each other.
  5. It is ideal and economical process which helps to avoid use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide.
  6. Bees acts as pollinating agents for agriculture.
  7. Crop residue is as fodder for cattle.C
  8. Caw dung is used as manure or biogas.
  9. Agricultural waste is used for compostingh
  10. This is integrated organic forming.

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