Write Short Note on cDNA library

A cDNA library is a collection of complementary DNA (cDNA) clones synthesised from total mRNA of an organism.

Short Note on cDNA library
  1. c-DNA or complenmentary DNA is a double stranded complement of m-RNA.
  2. c-DNA is synthesized from m-RNA by the process of  reverse transcription.
  3. As the process is discovered by Temin and Baltimore it is also called as Teminism.
  4. Genomic DNA of eukaryotes contain coding and noncoding sequences.
  5. Genomic library represents the entire genome of an organism hence it may not use for eukaryotes.
  6. c-DNA represents only those genes that are being expressed by a perticular cell.
  7. Since m-RNA lacks noncoding reion this
  8. library would represent only the coding sequences of the genes.
  9. At first the m-RNA of interest is isolated from the cell.
  10. This m-RNA is reverse transcribed into c-DNA molecule by using reverse transcriptase enzymes.
  11. These single stranded c-DNA molecules converted into double stranded molecules. 
  12. The double stranded DNA molecule is them inserted into vector and from recombinant DNA molecule which further introduced into a suitable vector.
  13. Production of human proteins like interferons, insulin blood clotting factor VIII can be done with CDNA.
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