What is human genome project? Give the aims of Human genome project?

What is the human genome project? Give the aims of the Human genome project.
Answer :

  1. Human genome projects (HGP) is the study of genes and genomes of human beings by DNA sequencing and related analysis.
  2. HGP was started in 1990 in the USA and coordinated by the US Department of Energy and the National Institute of Health.
  3. The project was completed in 2003.
  4. HGP is a multinational research project to determine the genomic structure of man.
  5. HGP is a multidisciplinary effort to understand the basis of the human heredity genome.
  6. HGP includes a comprehensive study of the genome which include the construction of a genetic map of the chromosomes and the sequencing of all genes.

Aim of HGP:

  1. To generate detailed maps of the human genome.
  2. To know every gene in humans.
  3. To know the location of each gene on the chromosome.
  4. To know the sequence of each gene.
  5. To know the role/function of each gene.
  6. The complete sequence of the human genome has been described as the blueprint of humanity which helps to understand our biology and behavior.

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